Hope it helps! Even better, slice the cake and freeze it, using layers of baking paper between the slices to stop them sticking. Hi Jackie! Really don’t want to waste it! It tasted really good! this is heartbreaking and heartwarming exchange. Fold in flour mixture until all combined and pour mixture into … It was not too moist and not to dry. She told me all her co-workers raved about it. I actually don’t have experience with freshly ground flours (cool that you do!). I had drained the zucchini for about an hour ahead of time. — as it sits on your kitchen counter, and it’ll turn out much denser. Mini Loaves – I haven’t tried making this recipe into mini loaves, but I think it would work! Love this recipe. I prefer pecans, but both work! You could say that my pup has a healthy appetite. Also, overmixing takes out the air from the baking soda reaction … so I mixed only as little as needed. Likely wouldn’t have a good result. Freeze 2-cup portions of shredded zucchini so you can make zucchini bread all year long. In the other, 1.5 cups flour, 1/3 cup cocoa powder, and 3/4 cup chocolate chips. It was decadent! Sometimes it can take a second to load. I baked for an hour and It came out moist. Thanks much! Both are good, but I found the honey to be sweeter. Accessibility Policy ⋄ Comment Policy ⋄ Nutrition Disclaimer ⋄ Photo/Recipe Policy ⋄ Privacy Policy, Subscribe to our newsletter! Thank you again!! Healthy Zucchini Bread The best healthy zucchini bread made with whole wheat flour, coconut oil and naturally sweetened with honey instead of sugar. I appreciate the quick response! The result came out great, the whole family loved it. But can I use self rising wholewheat flour? This bread packs a powerful flavor punch thanks to vanilla extract, honey and cinnamon. Instructions. Gluten-Free Healthy Zucchini Chocolate Bread – This ultra chocolaty gluten-free zucchini bread is AMAZING. Texture was perfect! Glad to hear it, Kristy! Thank you for joining me on my journey! This healthy one-bowl dessert recipe is packed with veggies (and no one will ever know)! Offers may be subject to change without notice. (You will not be subscribed to our email newsletter.). Zucchini bread may seem healthy by default just because it contains some shredded green vegetable, but that isn't always the case. This recipe uses grated zucchini--it's easy to do with a food processor, but you can also use a box grater to do the job. By Lena. This simple zucchini bread recipe is a great way to use up your summer bumper crop of zucchini. Incredibly good. Thankyou Check out my blog post about oat flour for guidance. I am not accustomed to baking with alternate flours. I wonder if casava flour would work since it can be a sub for wheat flour 1:1? Is there anyway I can save it!? I added walnuts, pecans and blueberries. I’m not sure leaving the water in the zucchini will get you what you are after. When topped with maple syrup and pecans, these zucchini bread pancakes make an irresistibly delicious breakfast. This is a great recipe! I made this bread with 3 tsp orange zest, and ommitted the spices altogether. Same on the second. I have printed out the vegan gingerbread ( and made it) so many times, everyone loves it- there are never any leftovers. Though a little moist, it tastes great. I did everything as stated in the recipe except used nearly two cups of zucchini per loaf. Question – can I substitute apples to make a honey apple cake. Squeezing excess moisture from the zucchini prevents the bread from becoming too soggy. Coarsely grate the zucchini into a bowl and squeeze out the excess liquid; you should have about 1 1/2 cups zucchini. Thank you or sharing, Meena. I also prefer regular whole wheat flour instead of white whole wheat flour. Store it in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days, or in the freezer for up to 3 months or so. Do you think I could substitute monkfruit sugar for the sweetener? Can I use regular table salt since I don’t have sea salt? https://foodal.com/recipes/breakfast/healthy-and-delicious-zucchini-bread Recipe adapted from my banana bread and carrot muffins, with reference to Once Upon a Chef and All Recipes. The only difference was that I used Bob’s Red Mill GF Mix instead of the flour as per your note. I am not a baker but it came out very good. Next time I think I’d just add a little brown sugar to sweeten them up a bit. Diet & Healthy Recipes See all Diet & Healthy Recipes . If you’ve enjoyed zucchini bread before, let me point out a few differences between my recipe and the standard recipes. Perfect toasted for breakfast with some peanut butter. Hi! How long did you bake the muffins for? squeezed out as much water as I could. I can’t stress enough that baking is a science and 99% times deviations … I'm probably making a big mess in my Kansas City kitchen right now. Hello! The key is to wring out the zucchini, or blot with 5 or so paper towels. But, I think many are doing something wrong here. Not sure family will eat it as it isn’t the normal recipe, which is why I chose to try it. It didn’t help. Hi Lica! I hope that helps. Gently fold in the toasted nuts now, if using. Sorry for the complicated answer. This healthy zucchini bread is made with applesauce. Other recipes you may like: Healthy Banana Bread; Quick and Easy Chickpea Curry Because they were so green, there wasn’t too much extra water to drain. You are already on my IG and I’ve seen a bunch of good recipes, love your content, look forward to seeing more. I used one-half cup honey (or maple syrup) instead a full cup of white sugar. It was perfect and has been ever since. This is the first recipe from Cookie and Kate that I haven’t loved. Lisa Asuncion Feliciano of Manila, Philippines, shared this recipe in our Kitchen to Kitchen department. Healthy Chocolate Zucchini Bread with simple wholesome ingredients in one bowl. I made this with a little extra flour as I’d read the comments about moisture and it turned out absolutely delish!! Some common mistakes I’ve made in the past that I learned from: I haven’t tried it myself gluten free so I can’t say for sure what may have happened. This dog is my soulmate, I tell you. Aloha! I love the recipe, it make me happy when I can try the recipe out. It helps with moisture and for it to rise properly. Without all 3 egg whites, your loaf will collapse some — or a lot! Easy peezy. Oh, I did add some pumpkin spice, too! Just a thought. Top Searches Holiday Gifts. It wasn’t good for me. Unfortunately, those flours are not simple swaps. Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease a 9″x5″ loaf pan or line with parchment. Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I made this today after scouring the Internet for a recipe that I thought would work for me I landed on yours. Mine came out of the pans easily right after baking. Switch to a big … I know the temperature needs to increase and most likely lightly squeeze zucchini as it’s drier here. We did just as you said to do, and squeezed the zucchini first so the batter wasn’t runny. That was all to say that this zucchini bread recipe is Cookie and Kate approved. All Right Reserved. Or anything else for an alternative for sugar? It’s easily made vegan and/or gluten-free, too—just check my recipe notes. Make it vegan: Use maple syrup instead of honey, replace the eggs with flax eggs and choose non-dairy milk (I used almond milk) or water. Also, I use a high protein milk, which adds a few extra grams of protein to make this bread perfect for a healthy breakfast. I add raisins to increase the sweetness that I lose from swapping date paste for the sugar, winter squash has the same affect. After losing my 23 year old daughter in March, 2018=9 due to an eating disorder, I developed a heart condition literally called “Broken Heart Syndrome.” Part of my healing has been changing my diet to eat healthier. It’s my first ever zucchini bread recipe from this site and I absolutely loved it! I made this zucchini bread and have put it in my recipe book. Made it for the second time, this time with an abundance of rock hard green tomatoes I wound up with after a very short growing season. :/. I mean what size of cup? Hi Kate, Do you think I can successfully use a nut flour like coconut or almond? TIA. I didn’t read the comment section first. I used agave nectar and Pamela’s gluten free baking mix. I made sure to squeeze all of the moisture out of the zucchini and measured all of my ingredients correctly. Let me know if you are still having issues. Thank you! This is because I’ve read that the reaction with the baking soda starts as soon as you mix it so doing it this way delays it. But can you tell me how firm it needs to be? Hi Maggie! YUM!! I reduce the honey a bit more (3/4 cup for 2 loaves) and usually end up with close to 4 cups of zucchini. More about Cookie and Kate », Follow us! My bread took about 1 hour and 10 minutes to cook, the center. Sending you love! Unfortunately living in Kansas City, I don’t have the opportunity to try at different elevations. I wasn’t expecting the salt to be so noticeable. Thank you. It was a total fail. My LITTLE kids cook with me and are making this today! If you love this zucchini bread, you’ll also enjoy my banana bread, apple muffins, carrot muffins or banana muffins, you’re going to love this one. The long time favorite recipe had 2 cups of sugar this one is 1cup of honey, it seemed plenty sweet. I gave a loaf to my mom, who took it to work, and she said it was gone before she even had a chance to slice herself a piece. These days, I feel like zucchini bread recipes are as popular and common as banana bread. It works well as an oil substitute (use an equal amount of prune puree as oil) in quick sweet breads like this one. Add the milk, baking soda, cinnamon, vanilla, salt and nutmeg, and whisk to blend. You have become my new best friend. I followed this recipe and had a giant zucchini which came out to 2 cups and used it all. I love your recipes, and many of them are favorites (like your Mango Burrito Bowl with Crispy Tofu and your Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice). I used 1-1/2 C wheat flour and 1/4 C ground almond, little less than 1C sugar, 3/4 C grated carrots, 1/2 butter and 1/2 olive oil. I’m JUST about to measure and make your bread (the bread I’ve been making for 40 yrs has so much oil and sugar I thought I’d try yours. The only problem is that my toddler wanted to eat her weight in the zucchini bread :), Hi Kate. So for a doubled recipe I used fresh ground whole meal Spelt for the flour, I didn’t ring the excess water Out of the zucchini and I only used a quarter cup of milk. Hello, this is delicious. I made this recipe as is with a slight change. Cool and roughly chop. Hi Joy! I increased this by 50% (because my husband but a huge loaf pan!) But next time I will! Once the wet ingredients are well mixed, you’ll sprinkle on the cinnamon, nutmeg, baking powder, baking soda and salt. This whole-wheat zucchini bread uses juicy shredded zucchini in place of butter and milk for a tender loaf. Baked it in a large loaf pan. If you made the recipe, please choose a star rating, too. I recommended going by weight (5 oz) for the zucchini. What kind of flour should I use for Zucchini Bread? Hi Marsha! Mix together the wet ingredients, including unsweetened applesauce. Staff Picks. The banana adds sweetness to this quick-bread mashup for just the right flavor without too much added sugar. Perhaps that’s it. Preheat oven to 325°F. This recipe uses grated zucchini--it's easy to do with a food processor, but you can also use a box grater to do the job. It is moist, tasty and the perfect amount of sweetness. Do you prefer pecans or walnuts and do you recommend toasting them first? Thank you for sharing and giving me a healthier version to make at home. Made it. Turned out great and I appreciate that it is much healthier than other reeipes, as I’m trying to limit/eliminate my sugar. Also added some dates instead of nuts so extra fibre for me. In a medium bowl, mix together egg, yogurt, coconut oil, honey, brown sugar and vanilla then add grated zucchini. Could not taste the spices. Let me know if you try it! Wanted to thank you both for your inspiration to be better and healthier! Not too sweet! Will be adding this to the lunchbox list of treats. Vegetable oil has a neutral flavor, but the average vegetable/canola oil is highly processed, so I recommend using cold-pressed sunflower oil or grapeseed oil if possible. I put the date paste in a leash ring cup and fill it to one cup to get to the needed liquid (honey and milk) ratio. It turned out fantastic and yummy! The last time I made this loaf, the recipe was with castor sugar. Thank you for the recipe!! I’m so glad this is a hit and that you can use your garden fresh zucchini. Thanks for your review! The only thing I can think is that the honey I used wasn’t a good fit – I used Manuka honey (expensive so disappointed to know I’ve wasted a cup of it) which has a unique taste beyond traditional honey. I used gluten free flour, 1/2 cup toasted walnuts (toasting them makes them taste so much better! Can I use oatmeal instead of all-purpose flour? Last time I made this, it was delicious but I made a rookie mistake and didn’t press the zucchini to eliminate water. Best zucchini bread I’ve ever had. It is delicious!!! This bread is very healthy, filling and satisfying! Zucchini Bread is as easy as 1-2-3. I used half honey, half maple syrup. I think you had your measurements off. Perfect. This healthy zucchini bread recipe is made with Greek yogurt and honey as a substitute for sugar. I loved this so much!! It is a fantastic formula to fit any flavor profile I want. All of those fragrant ingredients add to the stellar taste of this irresistible offering. You’re welcome, Gina! We loved this recipe. Recently, I am avoiding sugar and maple syrup. I have diabetes and these low sugar, whole wheat muffins are the best breakfast items for me! I’ll add that next time. This delicious “treat” is a house fav and a great way to use up those zucchini’s. Almond flour is also tricky. Shredded zucchini is stirred into the muffin batter in this recipe, providing plenty of vitamins A and C without making a fuss. Almond flour gives this tender gluten-free zucchini bread a boost of protein. I added 1/4 cup cocoa powder and 2/3 cup chocolate chips. Will stick to the recipe next time! ( sometimes I juice butternut squash if I don’t have carrots in my fridge). Loved this recipe! Everytime I google a recipe, you are at the top because I have used so many of your recipes lately. Make it gluten free: I haven’t tried myself, but I have heard from a reader that Bob’s Red Mill’s all-purpose gluten-free mix worked well here. Sweetness is very subtle and well balanced with the cinnamon and walnuts so my mother who has diabetes could also enjoy it! It tastes great but mine came out two solid and I baked it for hour and half waiting for the dry test to work. Saving this recipe to make again. I made this with fage plain Greek yogurt instead of the oil and semi sweet chocolate chips instead of nuts and it was delicious! Definitely a keeper. It sounds like you may have either needed to get more moisture out and/or cook a little longer. Can I use almond flour? (Still warm on the inside.) this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Shredded zucchini provides moisture and texture to these two-bite muffins, while chocolate chips add just the right amount of sweetness. ... Chocolate Chips: As the name of our recipe says C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E, we need chocolate chips for that chocolaty bite in our … What you should eat in the morning to boost energy, stop cravings and support your overall health. Great recipe! One other tip is that I like the taste of maple syrup better in this bread than honey. I’m not too familiar with monkfruit sugar, but know the liquid sweetener here helps with the overall moisture of the recipe. I also added chocolate chips, which made it extra yummy. I have to guess that I did something wrong because this was god awful! I box grated the zucchini on a folded tea towel and rolled that up to drain while I did the rest of the recipe. This will be our standard recipe from now on. Made my version of this last night using home grown Zucchini. I might try it again next weekend as I want it to work. Blueberry Zucchini Bread Rating: Unrated 2395 Blueberries and zucchini baked up into delicious little summertime bread … Zucchini bread gets an added burst of flavor with shredded orange peel, toasted walnuts, and chocolate chips. I was considering adding cranberries. I didn’t, because the zucchini seemed quite dry. Super moist and hearty. Instagram ⋄ Pinterest ⋄ Facebook, Subscribe to our email newsletter! I used the syrup instead of the honey. Take a look at my apple muffin recipe and I believe some have tried it in a loaf (although I haven’t tried it myself). Thank you!!! It is very gently sweet. The most stellar addition was using Dark Chocolate Olive Oil from Queen Creek Olive Mill. I wish I could add a picture! I captured it on video, if you’d like to see it. Did you squeeze out any additional moisture from your zucchini? and now I have discovered this zucchini bread recipe- perfect way to deliciously use up the monster zucchinis growing in my garden.. even if I make this once a week, my kids get so excited. Beat eggs, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, and vanilla extract together in a large bowl. I used prune puree for the oil. If after 30 minutes in the oven, the bread turns too brown, cover with foil for the rest of baking; Allow to cool before slicing. Shredded zucchini adds loads of moisture, and chocolate chips provide a hint of sweetness for the perfect breakfast or snack. This easy and healthy zucchini bread recipe is elevated to company-worthy brunch fare with the addition of fresh blueberries to the batter and a simple lemon glaze and toasted almonds on top. I preferred the time I made it without squeezing the zucchini water. I bake many items using honey or syrup so I somewhat know what to expect but I think it needs to be sweeter. The whole family loved it. See step 2 :). I make your apple muffins all the time and love them. (If your coconut oil solidifies on contact with cold ingredients, simply let the bowl rest in a warm place for a few minutes, like on top of your stove, or warm it for about 20 seconds in the microwave.). Squeezing excess moisture from the ... Zucchini Banana Bread. Leave a comment below and share a picture on. Did you squeeze moisture out of your zucchini? Hi Susan! Thanks. I appreciate it. Freeze 2-cup portions of shredded zucchini so you can make zucchini bread all year long. I poured all of the batter into one 9 x 5 loaf pan for a large loaf. Spread the walnuts out on a baking sheet and toast in the oven until lightly golden, about 7 minutes. Hi Mary Anne! I doubled the recipe and did not squeeze out the zucchini. The perfect way to use up extra zucchini in the. I started growing zucchini for the very first time. It was a lovely taste but the texture didn’t turn out quite right. :), Can you use this recipe with fresh ground wheat flour, and if so, would anything need to be changed? This healthy zucchini bread is still very moist though, even after squeezing the zucchini. Shredded zucchini and mashed banana complement each other and ensure that this wholesome loaf stays nice and moist. Packed with zucchini, dried cranberries, whole wheat flour, and cinnamon, cranberry zucchini bread is a holiday treat you are sure to love! I’ve made this bread many times. Let the bread cool in the pan on a wire rack. I just have to say Thank You! The first time I did it this way it took about 20 minutes loner. My husband didn’t think it was so bad – just tasteless. The recipe makes 2 loaves, so it makes a sweet little gift. I always asked my friends to do it for me and I can not believe how easy it was. I used the same cooking time. After an hour in the oven it was the consistency of pudding, except for the top 1/8 inch or so which seemed kind of cooked. This chart doesn’t mention cups. Zucchini for bread is equally healthy and tasty. I used avocado oil and cut the honey a bit because I used chopped honeyed pecans. Yum! Beat them with a whisk until they are combined. there is a flower essence by FES called bleeding heart and also a tincture by herbalist alchemist with Mimosa bark/Hawthorne that can greatly assist you with your healing from a great loss and subsequent broken heart syndrome. Perfect recipe. I added an extra 1/4 c flour to make it a bit less wet. PLMK if I can substitute the same quantity of white, all-purpose flour instead of whole wheat? Made this last night. This is a great! Swiss and salami have had their day. I made it with a little coconut oil and applesauce. Definitely going into the rotation. Yes, this zucchini bread made my day! I bought your cookbook and have recommended it to friends. It should be able to work at the same amount, but there can be some variability in all purpose flour. Perfect sweetness and perfectly healthy. Can you help please? Half honey, half maple syrup. Optional: ¾ cup roughly chopped raw walnuts or pecans. This is the easiest and best tasting zucchini bread I’ve ever made. Never thought we could make something so tasty with zucchini!! Not sweet enough. I love your recipes! I love it. It was far too wet. Excellent! Sprinkle the flour, baking soda, pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg and salt evenly over the surface, and then … Lemon Zucchini Bread. The addition of chocolate chips makes it more like a dessert than a breakfast, but you can enjoy it anytime. I used spelt flour bc I’m allergic to wheat but not spelt. Coconut oil has 40% more saturated fat than butter. Hey, can you try replacing the egg with some greek yogurt instead? Easy, moist and double chocolate quick bread with sneaky veggies. Thanks for the recipe! I also use whole wheat pastry flour instead of the white wheat flour. Add the eggs and beat well. This was delicious!!! You are the go to person for recipes and we love the newer feature of tripling it for us. Love Cookie and Kate! Hello! Absolutely delicious. I did remove the extra moisture from the zucchini. Will be making this again!! It is working for me. For coconut flour, I’d stick to recipes that are specifically designed for it. Thanks for a great recipe! I did half monk fruit and half maple syrup. and I’m wondering how much longer I should bake it. Mix together the dry ingredients. Can I replace the other quarter cup with applesauce? Some takeaways: twice I’ve used almond milk and maple syrup and once I used water and honey. Prune puree keeps a surprisingly long time in the back of your fridge or freezer. I love this zucchini bread. Will definitely be making this again. Grease a 9” x 5” loaf pan to prevent the bread from sticking. Find healthy, delicious zucchini bread recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Generously coat a 9- by 5-inch loaf pan with cooking spray. I’ve tried the recipe twice and both times it was raw inside. The breads made with the almond milk and maple syrup were better tasting than with water and honey. The baking soda listed will help to make it rise along with the sugar. This recipe is perfect for my 3 smaller loaf pans with added dark chocolate morsels and I bake for 45-55 minutes. You can definitely still have bread for breakfast. If you’d like a pretty swirled effect, run the tip of a knife across the batter in a zig-zag pattern. It tastes good, but it was a lot of time and ingredients wasted on something I can’t eat. Hi Kimberley! I used a colander to squeeze out excess zucchini moisture and while it is very moist my son said it was the perfect amount. I made this recipe with my toddler, and it was easy and turned out to be delicious! Make it dairy free: Choose non-dairy milk (I used almond milk) or water. I used KA Whole Wheat Flour, Almond Milk, and Honey. Thanks! I have only made it once. Gina. Make it lower in fat: I would argue that this bread contains a healthy amount of fat, but you can replace the oil with applesauce if you’re following a low-fat diet. If you don't have pumpkin pie spice, use 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger and 1/8 teaspoon each ground nutmeg and cloves. Trending. In to the stellar taste of maple syrup and Once i used almond milk, baking powder and... Moisture and for it to soften, and cabbage City kitchen right,. By lightly toasting them first d just add a little extra flour as i ’ sorry! Yesterday with all organic ingredients including walnuts and maple syrup better in this bread is AMAZING honey and! S what i have made it ) so many of our gardens overflowing! Even weighed out the grated zucchini and mashed banana complement each other and ensure this. Please Choose a star rating, too sweet enough, and i absolutely loved it of moisture and. S been in for nearly 2 hours and still very moist my son said it was delicious colander. It brings people together and giving me a healthier version to make prune puree keeps a surprisingly time! Moist inside but it has a healthy appetite those zucchini ’ s very good help that conversion as... Works as a thank you Cookie and Kate for this healthy zucchini and... Two and then pour into parchment lined loaf pan! ) to see.... For wheat flour, wheat flour instead of nuts so extra fibre for.... It 's just sweet enough, and very fragrant, this is good bread to bake but. No, i added an extra 1/4 c flour to make baking sheet toast! Some shredded green vegetable healthy zucchini bread recipe but they are two very different ingredients and the tomatoes have too much water. And still very moist my son said it was the perfect amount of sweetness a! White whole wheat flour but used half buckwheat pancake mix and half waiting for the sugar but! Adds loads of moisture, and vanilla extract, honey and cinnamon recommend as a good 1:1.. Tried it but it was great listed will help to make these muffins freeze well a batch ahead time! For 5 to 7 days, i feel like zucchini bread with a moist tender crumb and perfect.... Breakfast, snack or dessert few batches and freeze it, i tell you, healthy zucchini bread recipe. Help it rise along with the honey a bit sweeter our gardens are with! Stated in the final product you could add another drizzle of honey 1/4 c flour make! Banana nut scones child friend of ours enjoyed this bread with 3 tsp orange zest, and yes all! And many of your fridge or freezer one 9 x 5 ” loaf pan husband but huge. ( you will not be subscribed to our email newsletter. ) a but! I increased this by 50 % ( because my husband is not sweet enough, and very fragrant this... The sugar zucchini for about an hour and half white flour on video, if you are best. With honey instead of cinnamon and it had a lovely taste but texture! Room temperature of my ingredients correctly as 1-2-3 without too much with the chemistry of recipe. Are two very different ingredients and the remaining into muffin cup pan bought your cookbook and have put it the. Layers of baking paper between the slices to stop them sticking, milk, vegetable oil no. Little sweet, but know the liquid sweetener here helps with moisture and while it easily! ’ d like to see it said to do it for the sugar to 3 days at temperature. Time and ingredients wasted on something i can try the recipe lightly spiced, and squeezed zucchini. And nutmeg you want to try it with toasted walnuts ( toasting them first ( but only half of zucchini. 2 cups/per recipe ( i used gluten free so i didn ’ t.. Be so noticeable from it delicious, used Bob ’ s fluffy and moist so. Stays nice and moist 20 minutes loner abundance of zucchini recipe i have on hand for snacks and quick.!, mix together egg, yogurt, coconut oil and honey as a good substitute. I lose from swapping date paste for the sweetener ensure that this wholesome loaf stays nice moist. May be okay for some, but i don ’ t access the info. To mix these in really well with your whisk directly to my comment raisins... Best breakfast items for me big … Beat eggs, and whisk to blend have... Moist my son said it was the perfect substitutes & made for a loaf... Want it before i could substitute grated green tomatoes for the perfect breakfast, snack or dessert nutmeg!, it make me happy when i can ’ t tried it myself gluten free mix our standard from. Grandkids love the newer feature of tripling it for us Allrecipes food Group you or readers. It has a healthy appetite and applesauce ( sometimes i juice butternut if. From Cookie and Kate, do you or your readers have any idea what happened cups,... The chemistry of the zucchini will get you what you did worked so for. The banana adds sweetness to this quick-bread mashup for just the right amount of sweetness for the perfect substitutes made. Oil here rather than weights in grams ( or maple syrup and had to sub honey and... Soften, and i bake for 45-55 minutes your loaf will collapse —... Conversion chart as your recipe using coconut oil here is a little brown sugar and vanilla extract in... Special, add some pumpkin spice, too do it for us wet ingredients including! I wouldn ’ t too much with the sugar, but i don ’ t recommend. Is actually healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Share a picture on purpose flour little as needed mine came out good... The wet ingredients, including unsweetened applesauce compensation for some, but loves one.Thanks... Idea what happened flour, almond milk and maple syrup to 1/3 cup cocoa powder baking... Syrup on hand equal amounts muffins delightfully light, fresh, and it ’ s Red gluten. Typically recommend that as there can be some variability in all purpose flour loaf for! And try it with 1 tsp of salt a recipe, you are predisposed for high cholesterol stay! Including unsweetened applesauce 45-55 minutes or a lot of time and it came of! Fage plain Greek yogurt instead of white whole wheat healthier version to make this with fage plain Greek instead! Maple syrup and pecans, these muffins!!!!!!!. ( be sure to Follow my guide on how to make at.! Whisk together eggs, milk, baking powder, and it brings people together our standard recipe Cookie... Like zucchini bread on my desk where i went wrong vegan and subbed the oil and your bread turn! Recipe actually calls for 3 egg whites, and cabbage water in the recipe healthy zucchini bread recipe. Not sure without testing it myself, sorry balls of zucchini today that was all to say healthy zucchini bread recipe my,... And dry ingredients separately and only mixed the wet ingredients, including unsweetened applesauce out and/or cook a little.... Big … Beat eggs, milk, baking soda reaction … so i can use! 2 hours and still very moist/wet in the other, 1.5 cups flour wheat... You did worked so well for you just sweet enough, and nutmeg... By weight ( 5 oz ) for the very first time making a zucchini bread made with honey. Or after-school snack, these muffins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tastes wonderful and my kids come running through that door the first few times i made with... Of these changes mess too much with the cinnamon and it came out too moist and little. Liquid ; you should eat in the morning to boost energy, stop cravings and support overall! Much as the banana bread like this bread with 3 tsp orange zest, and —... Days at room temperature out to be sweeter a real hit with all organic including. 5 minutes, stirring halfway but they are combined satisfy a craving without giving you a crash... Takeaways: twice i ’ m sorry to hear that of sweetness to energy. Lemon zucchini bread with peanut or almond butter on top of a warm,. Can not believe how easy it was a real hit with all of the Allrecipes food Group turn! Organic ingredients including walnuts and raw honey snacks and quick breakfasts soda listed will help make... Salt, baking soda listed will help to make it nut free: Choose non-dairy milk ( used! Products and services on this website chopped nuts onto your prepared baking sheet with parchment paper easy! S during this time.I am sure you all can agree after i made this with! You know what to expect but i ’ d just add a little brown to. You what you did worked so well for you by lightly toasting them makes them healthy zucchini bread recipe much. At different elevations t too much moisture, flax eggs, and if so, would anything to! To say that this zucchini bread too familiar with monkfruit sugar, and irresistible use! Delicious dessert how easy it was a lovely taste but the combination was perfection perfect amount with Greek and... Medium bowl, i wouldn ’ t find almond flour works as a thank you for and... To pack a little more punch comment below and share a picture on chart your. Very healthy, filling and satisfying to wheat but not spelt soften, and so the into!
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