Possible texts include: Graunt, Petty, Malthus, Nehru, Wu Ta-k'un, and contemporary instantiations. Our second quarter (MUS 12200 etc.) We examine alternative conceptions of society, law, authority, consent, and dissent that underlie continuing controversies in contemporary political life. 100 Units. To what degree can we rely on individual self-control? SOSC 12600. Terms Offered: Winter No prior background in the subject is required. Research Methods in the Social Sciences - collects the entire range of methodological approaches that inform cutting edge research in international relations. 100 Units. 100 Units. It explores Muslim intellectuals' engagement with tradition and modernity in the realms of religion, politics, literature, and law. Texts vary by year. 100 Units. 100 Units. changing international context of the nineteenth century. Working closely with a variety of primary sources-from oral legends to film and music, from political treatises to literary masterpieces-we will track the evolution of Russian civilization over the centuries and through radically different political regimes. Sample courses Self, Culture, and Society Power, Identity, Resistance Mind Classics of Social and Political Thought Social Science Inquiry Sample texts Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks At UChicago, students not only discover new interests but can choose... majors that cater to all of them, no matter how varied those interests may be. This course is equivalent to SOSC 20004/30004 (Statistical Methods of Research I), CHDV 20101/30101 (Applied Statistics in Human Development Research), PSYCH 20100 (Psychological Statistics), and other introductory level applied statistics courses. 'Classics of Social and Political Thought' reads classic texts from Plato and Aristotle to Nietzsche and DuBois in order to investigate criteria for understanding and judging political, social, and economic institutions. These themes vary from year to year. These courses can be taken in any sequence. Working closely with a variety of primary sources-from oral legends to film and music, from political treatises to literary masterpieces-we will track the evolution of Russian civilization over the centuries and through radically different political regimes. These courses must be taken in sequence. In the Winter Quarter, students will be introduced to social science research tools. Global Society II. Social Science Inquiry: Formal Theory I introduces students to deductive reasoning and teaches them primitives of rational choice---players, strategies and preferences. These courses must be taken in sequence. runs from the beginning of European Romanticism around 1800 to the turn of the 21st century. 100 Units. The U of C Libraries Special Collections have the papers of the major figures of the Chicago School of Sociology, which can be used by students.From 1915-1935 the School was the pioneer of urban sociology, using Chicago as an "urban lab." Instructor(s): Staff     Terms Offered: Autumn Music in Western Civilization I-II. Equivalent Course(s): HIST 15100, CRES 10800, EALC 10800. Self, Culture, and Society (SOSC 124-125-126) focuses on the historical specificity of modern society and the contested nature of freedom in history, as it examines the dynamics of capitalism and the constitution of the modern conception of self by exploring the issues of race, gender, and sexuality. Students who need only one of these courses should consult with their College adviser to confirm they are taking the correct one. Mughal political and literary traditions, and South Asia's early encounters with Instructor(s): Staff     Terms Offered: Winter Instructor(s): B. Fischer     Terms Offered: Spring Instructor(s): S. Gehlbach     Terms Offered: Spring SOSC 26006. The first quarter focuses on Islam in South Asia, Hindu-Muslim interaction, Aristotle remarked that man is a Zoon Politikon, a political animal, who doesn’t simply live in nature like other animals but in communities of his own making. 100 Units. The Master of Science in Molecular Engineering program at Pritzker Molecular Engineering will provide you with a streamlined and flexible degree to give you broad exposure across science and engineering disciplines, preparing you for the immediate next step in your professional journey. In recent years, thinkers read in the Spring Quarter have included J.S. The social science core requires active engagement in small seminars, close reading, and analytic writing; some sequences may also include lectures. The course opens a set of themes that will run through the entire sequence: individual-and-society, tradition-and-change, sources of social values, difference and particularity. SOSC 23000-23100. Course material will emphasize the experience of the (former) Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, where communism as a system has disappeared most completely, but many of the lessons of transition apply also to China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba. SOSC 13220. They also strive to provide our state-of-the-art core facilities and services through the most cost-efficient means possible. We study pieces not only from the standpoint of musical style but also through the lenses of politics, intellectual history, economics, gender, cultural studies, and so on. Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor and senior adviser Spring Quarter analyzes the way in which selected themes from the first two quarters work themselves out in the history of the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. Overview of Quantitative Methods in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Focusing on empirical literature, this quarter highlights the impact of basic research on some of the big problems that face humans and society. 100 Units. Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor and undergraduate program chair
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