I can speak to both sides of that…I grew up in South Dakota, where the reservations are dangerous, heartbreakingly desolate places with unemployment rates of about 95% and epidemics of substance addiction and violent crime, where many residents live in appalling conditions. I personally believe we all live under a crushing blanket of over regulation….and in many discrete and overt ways they limit and diminish our freedom. If you are fairly far out you may not get noticed, but in most places the building needs to be approved for occupancy. Hi Jesse, im very interested in buying part of your property, if you still have any available. Jim: I am interested in and have started some preliminary work towards building an Earth Bag home in Delaware or Essex County NY. Fairplay, Colorado 80440 My brother lives there and built his own home with only a septic permit needed. Each county has one, most counties have websites where you can do this all online. google_ad_width = 468; One post says “Our current area of preference lies in the heart of Delta County, Colorado. They really want you to have a septic system , so they state that kitchen sink water is “black water”. I have much concern for my sustainable future and the future of my home. http://www.access-board.gov/links/state-colorado.htm Any land related topic is welcome! The people I tell about how houses are here are typically surprised and then find some excuse as to why they have to pay the prices – understandable after generations having to slave for something that is a basic human right… a place to sleep. And then they’re going to ban all health supplements, including natural vitamin C, etc. I can add a county that is definitely off of the list for low or no codes…. Just like a cheap sawdust toilet would be ok.But folks require an expensive toilet made commercially. Owen – great link – thanks for bringing that up. Make it a fun activity. The very place where the settlers came in for a better life, we are now seeing a power company about to collapse, needing ignorance of regulations to continue operating temporarily. Thanks.”. But I’ve done this by sleeping in my vehicle and seeking out BLM & National Forest land to camp on. Nearly everywhere is a town, a.k.a. For example they let you put a trailer on your lot and live in it for 6 months out of the year i guess…thats a trailer with no other permitted, habitable dwelling, which is unheard of in any place near anyplace worth living. The quest for the right place to do it continues. Big cities, small cities, small towns, rural areas? Short sighted. Ewing and Turin Townships are located in Michigan’s central Upper Peninsula in the South East area of Marquette County. I was told they were the most “trouble free”. I’ve skimmed through the PDF’s and that county seems to be full of rules and costs for building. They do want to know when the project is finished so they can add it to the tax roles. Earthbag building is perfect for projects like this. I’ll take recommendations on Washington State too :). Looks really nice. Delta Kim Hines at 615-532-5788 or kim.hines@tn.gov if you have any be located within an interior side yard or rear yard; provided, however, that such structure shall not But look what the cat dragged in. Humboldt County, California has a pretty liberal owner-builder code as well. Maybe have some basic requirements. Is their scoria or pumice on the land just waiting for the new owner to dig it up? I did this, and in 2013 when I went to add a patio roof they told me that new regulations stated that no building on remote parcels, even a tiny storage shed, is allowed without a permit. Relocating is a big decision and it takes time to figure things out. Structures under 200sq ft. need no permit. -Maine: similar to NH, but more spelled out: allowances for "primitive" and "limited supply" systems in which, respectively, water is hand carried and water is supplied by a <1001 gallon cistern. A permit ($200), septic permit; and final inspections of electric and plumbing are all that’s required. Thanks for the input! That kind of environment is not where I want to build my self-sustaining home. Land is inexpensive and you are pretty well left alone. Water is by individual meter and electricity runs to about half the lots. Very readable. I’ll start I don’t know of any projects in Panama. Unfortunately your right, the difficulties faced by the private land owner-builder in the US will only increase as we go forward into the age of authoritarian control that looms on the horizon. From Elizabeth, the main contact, at the Custer County Planning and Zoning: It is true that Custer County has not adopted a building code. I can’t believe it! I figured I’d post about it here, because it could be used as a good resource for people looking to buy land to build on. This is inevitable as the economy spirals into the toilet. ;). Good luck! Would you move anywhere if there was a community designed for you to live how you would like with restrictions only to keep things from looking like a trash pile? Long tubes are very strong, however they have to be special ordered and are more difficult to find. I would also counsel you all to be careful of any property that has ANY easements on it. Also, many of the smaller counties in West Virginia require only a small fee for the initial structure and improvements assessment. Does any one know of these area’s and their building code? Then rent some place near my land and move there from Portland, Oregon, to my new digs in the Chesaw/Oroville area. Great site with Colorado’s building codes by county http://www.coloradoenergy.org/codes/colorado.aspx. Talk to local builders, architects, etc. New members must be of that same sect, or just spiritual ? Great Lakes Tiny Homes is now a part of Michigan Brew Supply's affiliate program! Draw your own conclusions. 1 foot down? (970) 387-5766, SAN MIGUEL COUNTY There are areas in southern CO that are warmer. Some of that land belongs to private citizens who have no idea that the federal government is planning to kick them off their ranches.” I have permits to build a small home on a acre in the eldorado forest area, and the hardest part was getting the two year permit for the rv to live in while building. The wife isn’t into the snow much either. Send the announcement when ready to Kelly Hart (he does the workshop announcements). 315 Cedar Street faultline being there. Everyone? Ha! Spur’s regulations are friendly to tiny houses, so long as they have an adequate foundation and proper plumbing and electrical wiring installed. Martin and Tope is the real estate company listing the property. It would help to carefully study the local housing market. Please explain. Ex: you don’t want to live where they have massive feedlots or lots of prisons. You never experienced a major earthquake–but I remember how people were buried alive under the buildings and died slow death there. 4. I started by looking for viable solutions to rebuilding after the 2004 Asian tsunami. I’ve heard of people building a small house on a trailer with wheels to avoid building regulations. We dont need stinking governments any more. And, I want to add, my husband is a licensed general contractor, who made a careful point to build everything to code, so as not to give anyone a reason to turn us down…. That typically means fewer restrictions and lower cost land, but it also means the area is more remote and may no longer be practical for what you want to do. This would be great if you had a some land in the country to park it on. Agree before buying how to split up and institute mutually agreeable covenants… I for one don’t want any meth , a lot of slaughtering, etc on any property I’ve partnered on. That may be changing as the old machine is cleaned out. But people that use oppression of the poor seldom see the big picture. Do you have any recent info about changes to the county code in yavapai? I am also very interested in the counties with few to no BC’s, and Delta is the only one I knew about before coming here. Building codes are heavily entrenched now in communities and seen as essential by many. I would add, what gets me about the permits in America is they are basically useless. I hope my little bit of info here helps you. Who knows what will happen in 20 years. etc? Washington County Building Department Box 39 Derek was considering using earthbags at one point. 1. No one is trying to “incite panic”. Well, actually the tiny houses on wheels (no foundation) are allowed in many or most places from what I hear because they fall under a different category of non-permanent houses because there’s no foundation. In MN the only county building code was that homes could not be built with green wood. I currently live in Az and aah fork and williams az have very little codes. I want to know if this is a wider trend. Sad indeed. San Miguel County Building Department I have lived and built in all of those states many years ago. Seeing this is a new “International building” law, I would suppose all states are looking at this… you should check it out to see if this is the case. I really appreciate your help! Does anyone know which counties in Az. What would you like to see in a development like this? I have watched it several times. I’ve known about the international code for about 10 years. email: lkelsey@co.clear-creek.co.us I’m a part of a group working for green building codes for our fast growing county. So permits make sense to me. I really appreciate the response. Not much is done at the county level (prisons, courthouses, transit, [I don’t know much about county level stuff]). 3. How is the economy there? If the county is small, call them up, Texas has the sweetest people just waiting for something to do in these little counties! [Shaking my head in disbelief.] Does anyone have recommendations? Tornado prone areas are the PERFECT location for passive annual heat storage earthbag homes. 104 Some Native American communities have building codes (often fairly lax, but there are codes you’ll have to follow). The climate is temperate, water is plentiful, and you can grow just about anything. Greetings: California wins in this article. Does anyone live in Montana? Ive been told mexico is good for this,they really dont care what you build. http://www.co.montezuma.co.us/newsite/planningfaq.html, I assume you’re talking about Montezuma, Colorado: Each company is different. Potential buyers could inspect the home (or hire a private home inspector) and decide for themselves if it’s safe or not. What did the SEC do to curb corruption on Wall Street? This process can be as detailed or as simple as you choose to make it. Why would there be no ground water available through a well in those mountains? I love it up there. Also, owners generally wish to get loan paid off in shorter term, mine requested 1-2 years, settled on 18 months. The people of each city or town of this state, having a population of two thousand inhabitants as determined by the last preceding census taken under the authority of the United States, the state of Colorado or said city or town, are hereby vested with, and they shall always have, power to make, amend, add to or replace the charter of said city or town, which shall be its organic law and extend to all its local and municipal matters. Just a few things to think about… Population But I wouldn’t take too long. They also come out and inspect every little detail before you move forward in any phase. Unfortunately I am scared of the local politics there. (If you have a GPS make sure to record the GPS coordinates of each location too.). Why would you have to haul water into Williams? We ARE in a serious drought and that is a good reason to think of other places, as any trees planted would likely need regular water. This is very similar to the Rawesome Food raid reported earlier. Take a look at Idaho County (8500 square miles), Idaho which is not far from Montana. Lots of natural resources like timber, water and soil and good climate for gardening. The problem is finding a group of like minded people who get along. There is a code for adobe in New Mexico, and strawbale in California, although these are clearly different systems. One thing for certain is you will probably need to have engineer stamped plans as the building department doesn’t have much experience with pole buildings. Do you have recently fallen trees that could be milled for lumber? Who wants lakes, streams polluted by faulty septics? Prowers County Environmental Health Dept. Be sure to plan very carefully so you don’t end up jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. I have found the people around that area to be very nice, but I haven’t actually moved there yet (just visits with my mom). Check it out, and if you like the concept, please register. I have given a price which was not accurate as I am doing this for someone else. But coconino county will clean you out with all it’s new codes and fees and fines. There was no legal authority! Or you can buy my book and get everything you need in one book: http://www.earthbagbuilding.com/articles/ebbuildingguide.htm, Wow, has anyone heard of the federal gov land grab along the northern border? saying your group is a specific religion? This seems like one of the easiest, simplest approaches for many people. Not to mention there’s mining, including upcoming big mines (toxic pollution, existing and possible future) in the Western UP and Eastern UP is sitting on top of the shale….would not want to wake up in the middle of fracking country, nope! Montrose County Land Use Department I don’t think anything is written here about the northern 3 New England states: VT, NH, ME. Thanks in advance! Any size Guns permitted. I would love to find land somewhere close to the coast in California with minimal building code regulations. Box 608 This is yet another way they can violate your private property. People with anecdotes about recent builds and easy processes are probably the best way to do this. Tornados are seem to love the place also. ), and your dealings with the county officials concerning these things. All this said, I still suggest considering locations where alternative construction HAS been approved under an adopted code. I plan to use in a blog post soon so everyone sees this. With a bit of research I noticed that Mississippi has enacted a state-wide building codes. Just because you HAVE a septic tank doesn’t mean you have to USE it! God forbid. I will be covering my experience with trying to build affordable housing for my family and posting it on YouTube. Even in Herb Terry’s book it’s listed as being without codes. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. From what I can tell so far, a permit will be needed, however, hopefully it won’t be an impossible task. Otherwise, you’ll waste your whole life at it and still have no certainty that the data is accurate. I work in Manhattan in the rat race but want to be able to have a place to always come back to at a low cost and do consulting jobs up here for a few months or longer. Land has nowhere to go from here but up in my opinion, nearly everywhere. How sad and ironic. Delta County doesn’t require a building permit!? Could you tell me where this community is located?
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