Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Because it is engineered specifically for the John Deere MCS, installation is a breeze with simple hand tools. I have about 1.25 acres where in certain areas have a little bumpy ride with some exposed roots… I also have lights along the side of my driveway and I have read reviews that the JD has a better turning axis versus the CC and other brands. The rubber slats wrap around the tire so only rubber touches the driving surface. Also, what the heck is the difference between E machines and the S machines on Deere’s site and at Deere-brand dealers? A commercial ZTR is a lawn mower – nothing else. The E130 has 20 inch diameter tires. Tuff Torq T40J – D140, D155 Essentially TLT200 or K46 HST, 20 or 22″ tires and manual or Electric PTO clutch, 2 or 3 blades, representing the combination of differentiators. They range from a small, inexpensive, 42-inch riding mower for flat 1/4 acre lawns to a 54-inch lawn tractor that can easily mow 3-5 acres a week. And does greasing one or two pumps going to purge water out after??? Deep deck design with three blades lifts grass for a superior cut Cart has premium molded polypropylene box construction. If you don’t mind spending the extra money the XT2 GX50 FAB is worth the cost. Hi Jim, Those are good choices. I decided against a zero turn and have narrowed it down to CC XT2 46″ EFI or the JD E150 or E160. The gas tank full can hold 1.5 gallons. (The engine manufacturers use a different SAE power test. Would it benefit me to move up from the S240 to the x series? It also helps relieve soil compaction: Contact a local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.40-in. Please recycle. Its design gives superior brush-to-ground contact to prevent skipping and provide maximum performance for a clean path the first time through.Features include: Please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.44-in. (17 cm) with 15 positions allows the operator to be seated comfortably and easily operate the controls. With an electric one-touch MulchControl attachment, an electric switch on the tractor dash is used to engage or disengage mulch mode. I am also considering the E120/E130 models, the Cub Cadet Enduro XT1s, and the Craftsman Pro 27042. The four-cavity connector includes battery, ground, and key switch terminals and is turned on and off with the ignition switch. Over the next hour, it should straighten out. I know this question is more outside your scope but don’t really have anyone to ask. A steep dump angle makes emptying the cart easier. I don’t recommend a Husqvrna at this time and if you feel you really want one don’t buy it from the big box store. Hoping for a larger discount to pop up still on the D-155. Leveling gauge allows quick and accurate mower deck leveling and cutting height adjustment. The mower's cut-and-throw design allows bagging with just the addition of the bagger chute, once the special bagging blades have been installed. Adjust mower wheels as necessary so they do not contact the ground surface. Also after reading the conversations, is it a good idea to put the snow blower on this tractor? John Deere has combined the best lawn tools into one package. Fertilizer is more readily available to plants. Here are a few of the key features that are improved with the new E100 series lawn tractors. Here is the correct spec page from Tuff Torq: Tuff Torq K46 Specs. Start up the tractor and go mow your lawn. High-lift bagging blades also work well when side discharging material. The top section of the chute slides into the flexible hose that is attached to the hopper and is held securely to the bottom section with an easy-to-use bungee cord. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, If you want to put a snow blower on your …, New 2020 Toro Time Cutter Zero-Turn Mowers! The ELS engine will give you 50% more life than the regular “Intek” in the E120. We just took it out and starts and runs fine. Operators can convert quickly between modes, making it possible to change between mulching and side discharging as conditions require. A power-up sequence cycles lights and gauges to indicate they are working: Storage for the onboard deck-leveling gauge and the Exact Adjust tool is provided in the storage tray under the tractor’s seat: Twin Touch foot pedals control the speed and direction of travel: A rotary dial knob makes adjusting the mower cut height quick and easy: Deck-leveling gauge is placed at the appropriate location under the left rear, right rear, and front of the mower deck as the cut height is adjusted using the Exact Adjust tool and front draft arm adjusting nuts. The X320 looks to be in good shape, but it is close to buying a new cub cadet with warranty. Cub Cadet engine is OK ? Keep a John Deere riding lawn mower running its best and know how it mows with the John Deere MowerPlus app. The 2-blade fab deck also will get the heavy grass out from under the deck faster so you won’t wear out the deck belt as quickly as a 3-blade deck. For 2.5-3 acres I suggest going with a 54-inch deck. The MulchControl handle is located on top of the mower deck and used to open and close the discharge baffle. The 40-in. The websites are not always correct. Too many issues right now with factory assembly and getting parts quickly. Fuel-related issues and bad fuel are NOT covered by your warranty. (107-cm) mulch mower. The older engines really can’t handle a slope greater than 15 degrees and that may be why the engine finally failed. 1. For the size of my lawn and the extra work I stated above I will use the tractor for, should HP be reason for concern? I have a small yard, perhaps .25 acres of grass that I will be laying and planting this spring. An advantage of lawn tractors is their ability to use equipment for snow removal. last questions; for this mower, CC bagger attachment or sweeper? The seed doesn’t have to be covered all the way – just touching the bare dirt. I don’t use metal scrapers. Hi Ryan, Normally I wouldn’t recommend it but for your situation, it will last. The engine is the Extended life engine and no matter what the dealer is telling you that engine will last as long as the one in the S240 series. Thanks. The land is mostly flat (& currently well-maintained) outside of one slight slope. What a great resource. In doing my homework I thought the E180 w/ the 54″ deck was the right choice. It is particularly useful during winter months when the vehicle is not being used regularly, to ensure the battery stays charged: Includes a choice of battery connection methods: Transporting mulch, plants or debris is easier with the double bucket holder. Any advice would be appreciated, just trying not to break the bank. Optional accessories and attachments not included. But, The real difference is Lowes has the E130 exclusively and Home Depot has the E120 exclusively. I’m still on the fence a bit, the 170 appeals to me just because I’m a big boy and a bigger mower seems like a better fit but I’m really not a fan of that scammy “Easy Change” oil system. Just ran into your site – excellent advice. 54 inch Edge Cutting System: Deep deck design with three blades lifts grass for a superior cut The 14-in. Please see your local John Deere dealer for more information. Both John Deere and Cub Cadet dealers are in the area. Redesigned deck lift lever raises and lowers deck easily Powerful battery helps with starts, even after lengthy storage
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