I am sure if you asked around you would eventually find a place with better prices than if you booked something online. … However, due to the proximity of the spot to the road and street lights, we opted to pitch our tent just below the designated camping area on the beach itself. The guides allow and even encourage people to touch the coral and break pieces off to take home with them. Don’t actually go inside the Duty Free, but go to the back of that building and it has the ticket office. The journey to Lyudao is a little notorious and highly dependent on the weather. A one-way ticket to Green Island cost 460 NT/person ($16 USD) At 30 minutes before boarding time, we walked out of the front of the building and turned left to go down to the docks to wait in line. The bus costs about $0.60 cents.) Rounding the island spends less than 2 hours. So like most things there is no maintenace plan really there is plenty of enjoyable and great family places to visit in Kuwait but for some strange reason its not kept up with visited Green Island for the first time … Ocean Free takes a maximum 35 passengers with a private mooring 1km off of Green Island. It just didn’t happen as easily as we had expected for us. With Great Adventures' fast catamaran journey from Cairns, you can be at Green Island in just 45 minutes! Posted onAugust 1, 2017March 27, 2020AuthorStamp Tramps Travel1 Comment. Tickets cost $96 and the journey takes 1h. Green Island What time does the boat depart Cairns and return? We thought if we just walked through town there would be plenty of options and people trying to recruit us to stay in their hotels, but that really didn’t seem to be the case. You have to go to the back of the Duty Free store. The island is a major tourist destination for foreigners and Taiwanese residents alike due to its pristine coral reefs, diving spots, and beautiful scenery. For Green Island cruises, Great Adventures has 3 departures daily from Cairns. The Chaikoa spot is clearly the best option, but in my opinion, you wouldn’t have any problems camping anywhere on the island as long as you kept it minimal and were respectful. None of the shops cared that we didn’t have an international driver’s license or not when we were there. There is an area right behind the Chai-Kao diving spot that is FREE for camping. $0.00 per person Government Environmental Management Charge (EMC) is payable on check-in. Get $20 Off Airbnb just for knowing Stamp Tramps. The departure times were 11:30, 13:30, 15:30. Go see the island and the coral reefs while they are still there. There is no direct connection from Taipei to Green Island Nan Liao Harbor. There aren’t assigned seats and people are rude and disorderly when forming a line, so hold your ground if you want to get a good seat. Find the travel option that best suits you. The times when we were there were 8:30, 10:30, and 12:30. There are some guesthouses and small B&Bs there, as well as one backpacker hostel. A lot of people go to dive there, in which case you just have to talk with one of the many dive shops in town. We camped at a dive spot for 4 days and watched local tour guides flick cigarette butts into the ocean and then litter the plastic bread bag that they brought to feed the fish right into the water. Two options are available for those heading to Green Island. You do have to pay to camp