Also known as PAs and Techs. Various skills and special attacks may be performed depending on which one is used. I give my thanks to the people working hard on translating and updating the information we use on a daily basis to help ease our life while playing PSO2 and being able to enjoy the game today and forward into the future. Edge mows down a wide area. Normal attacks are only for maintaining PP. Each weapon has its own set. It’s giving you more access to tech-based Photon Arts that are enhanced by your innate high-tech stats. blade destruction photon art hair clipping in 2020 etoile means star, tres bien, hon hon, quick french lesson etc it would be peak hilarity if they released this french class in winter 2019 and still skipped an EU release when the game releases on windows and xbone in 2020. These are what you use to do damage in this game. Jet Boots Photon Arts hit for a lot less and have higher power notations than Dual Blades Photon Arts, allowing for instant burst in short phases. Photon Arts and Techniques. All of your photon arts have "Focus Arts" variations where like a Bouncer's Variant Arts you can alter how they play out though every photon art has them in difference places (such as Luminous Flare having it at the beginning just before the magical laser gets fired). Wand: Defy the laws of physics repeatedly by doing normal attacks and spinning around while you do.When you use a Photon Art with the Wand, a white circle will appear during it. PAs are more like combat skills while Techs are more like spellcasting. Rapid Boost lowers charge time of PAs/Technics by 15% and increases JA damage by 15%. There are a total of nine for each weapon in Phantasy Star Online 2. Fighter is a class introduced in Phantasy Star Online 2. Double saber has extremely long Photon Arts (PAs) that can be reduced by choice with the Double Saber Skip Arts skill. Distortion Pierce: Dart towards the enemy and strike with a series of slashes. Two large Edge blades pursue the enemy. Rapid Boost cooldown is 120 seconds and has an uptime of 45 seconds. Techniques and Photon Arts all have a certain PP cost. PP (Photon Points) - Resource that fuels the majority of skills and abilities in Phantasy Star Online 2. Let’s start! Plunge your blades into the enemy and slash outwards, accompanied by an Edge pincer attack. Beyond these superficial descriptions, in this article we are going to go deep into this topic and explain everything about PSO2 Etoile, its features, buffs, abilities, skills, Potentials, Photon Arts, and all you need to know to manage this class in the best way. Etoile Dual Blades – Photon Arts. It is a powerful melee class that wields fast, powerful weapons; unlike the Hunter, which focuses more on survivability, the Fighter trades range and survivability for pure power. Think of it as your Energy/Rage/Mana pool of sorts (not exactly, of course). Photon Arts are a form of attack originally introduced in Phantasy Star Universe and returning in Phantasy Star Online 2. Techniques are highly similar to Photon Arts. Because of this, you can basically have 8 PAs on any given weapon palette, giving you a versatile array of moves. Tapping the Weapon Action button while that white circle is showing will change the Photon Art into a Focused Photon Art, doing more damage but changing other properties (typically less AOE or duration). Radiant Sting: Sharply ascend and swoop down with a slash. ALL INFORMATION IS BORROWED from Bumped, Swiki, the PSO2 Community and posted here for ease of access. In this guide you will find: * PSO2 Etoile Weapons
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