Looking to bring your little ones along cycling? The maximum weight limit is 80 pounds (two 40-pound children) with an additional 12 pounds in the rear storage area. Max Weight Limit: 80 lbs Color: Yellow/Navy Find Similar Products by Category. 2-in-1 water-resistant Bright Yellow cover is made from 600D Polyester fabric. This unit will eat up road-bumps for breakfast so you can tow your little one with ease. The safe limit as determined by regulations for all bicycles sold in the United States is a minimum of 275 pounds for bikes designed for adult use. Bike Trailer Weight Limits (With 7 Examples of Popular Trailers) Bike trailers can hold an impressive amount of weight, which makes them one of the most desirable ways to get around with a child or pet. The seats in this trailer are flat and bench-style and don't fe… This category is one of the main areas where the low-end trailers — like the Schwinn Echo — can't hold a candle to their high-end competitors, like the Burley D'Lite X or the Thule Chariot Cross. The seat is removable with this unit, so you can easily clean it out thoroughly, as well as convert it to a cargo trailer when you want to leave the kids behind. Be aware that the single option of this trailer can only support 40 pounds, so it’s not for larger kiddos. Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer. Powered by. $170.00. This three-in-one bike trailer from Clevr is genuinely clever. The Thule Chariot Lite Sport Stroller is perhaps the most versatile and easily towable kids bike trailer on the market! First choice for newboys, commercial delivery and industrial plant use, this heavy-duty middleweight bike has a special reinforced. The cockpit of this option is, of course, UV protected, well ventilated and weatherproof for the cost. Here’s a great budget option of kids bike trailer for those looking to spend the least amount possible on a trailer/stroller hybrid that’s still safe and reliable. The Echo Kids Double Bike Trailer does not have any bells or whistles, but it’s a reliable, easy to tow and comfy for the kids choice of trailer! If you’re shopping on a truly tight budget, InStep’s Single & Double Seat Foldable Bike Trailers are what you’re looking for. Our toll free number is 1-800-401-9013. SCHWINN YELLOW/GRAY DOUBLE BICYCLE TRAILER W/CONVERSION KIT SC672TG BKU2051 Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge If there is a problem e-mail or call us before leaving negative feedback. Great all-terrain option for some light off-roading! This is one of the few trailer/stroller systems worth buying at this price range. Larger dogs also may be able to more easily break out of a trailer. The Encore X by Burley Design is no doubt one of the ultimate kids bike trailer options due to its quality of construction and ability to be modified into different stroller/trailer systems. #10. It’s without a doubt one of the safest and most comfortable options for the kids, especially when you consider the padded seating and suspension. Video related to burley encore x two seat kids bike trailer & stroller, Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Bike Trailer & Jogger, Burley Encore X Two Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller, Burley D'Lite Single Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller, Aosom Elite 2-in-1 Double Child Bike Trailer/Jogger, InStep Single & Double Seat Foldable Bike Trailers, Check out this detailed video of the Chariot Lite in action, Aosom Elite Double Child Bike Trailer/Jogger, InStep’s Single & Double Seat Foldable Bike Trailers, check out this only slightly more expensive option also by InStep, Best Kids Sleeping Bags for Camping: Compare & Save, Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids: Compare & Save, Best Under Desk Bikes For Staying Active At Work, 5-point rider harnesses with shoulder patches, Universal coupler for easy bike attachment, Seat pads and suspennsion for a super smooth passenger and driver ride, Padded seating and suspension for a super smooth ride, Compatible with several Thule accessories, Small behind the seat storage space can hold an additional 12 pounds. Trailblazer Bicycle Trailer - Double - 2-in-1 canopy includes a bug screen and weather shield, Versatile bicycle coupler attaches to most bicycles, includes stroller kit with swiveling front wheel & handle bar. Is compatible with different stroller kits, as well as a ski-attatchment in place of wheels! There may not be any advanced suspension, conversion kits or luxury seating, but for a budget model of kids bike trailer, this is an excellent value option that you’ll use for years! Eliminating the bumpy ride typical of bike trailers that lack suspension furthermore means the child you’re towing has a pretty good chance at falling out for a nap! Find more Schwinn Echo Kids Double Bicycle Trailer information and reviews here. Aosom Elite 360 Swivel 2-in-1 Double Child Two-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Trailer and Jogger with 2 Safety Harnesses, White You will appreciate your kids' bike trailer's rust-resistant aluminum-alloy frame and wheels because they make for light pulling, while kids will be glad there's room for a buddy. In fact, it can accommodate two kids or a load of up to 100 pounds. The maximum weight limit is 80 pounds (two 40-pound children) with an additional 12 pounds in the rear storage area. This is a fairly straight forward option with minimal bells and whistles. Skid guard, roll bar and integrated reflectors for added safety, Can be outfitted with several different kits including a ski-kit, Different trailer/stroller kits are also very expensive, Push-button wheels for easy detachment and storage, Plastic wind/dirt sheild is kind of crinkley and not as transparent as it could be, Super versatile kids bike trailer that can be modified for cycling, strolling, jogging or skiing, Click n' Store system for super easy on-board storage of strolling, jogging and cycling kit, VersaWing system allows for rapid and easy conversion between activities, Awesome suspension creates a smooth ride for both the child and adult, Fold up impressively compact for transport and storage, Built to be weatherproof and well ventilated, Super lightweight at just 22 pounds - this one tows super easily, Narrow wheels are not really suitable for rougher road conditions, Weatherproof canopy protects from sun and rain, Hand lock brake system on the rear wheel for loading and unloading, Lack of suspension means this unit won't handle road bumps very well, Low weight limit for two children at 57 pounds, Well ventilated and weatherproof, and also includes a bug screen, Designated cargo space for an additional 12 pounds of gear, 40 and 80 pound weight capacities are not impressive, 16-inch wheels won't roll as smoothly as the more standard 20-inch options. The suspension that bike trailers have offers children a smoother ride, especially over uneven and rough terrain. Passengers are in for a basic experience in the Schwinn Echo. For parents seeking a simple solution to getting their kids out for a leisurely bike ride, this is a great affordable go to. Burley Bee Bike trailer has ample amount of headroom for taller kids; its interior seat height is around 27.5”, whereas interior seat width is up to 22.5 inches. 75 pound weight capacity. Push button wheels for easy detachment and storage, When you're not with the kids, the seats are removable and this unit converts into a cargo trailer, Included parking brake for loading/unloading, Weather proof, nicely ventilated and also protects from harmful UV rays. Here’s a high-end kids bike trailer/stroller hybrid that is built with some luxury seat padding as well as advanced suspension in order to provide a particularly smooth ride for the kiddos. If you’re interested in purchasing a high-quality trailer for your kids and your own comfort and enjoyment but just don’t have the big-bucks to spend, this is the middle-of-the-line option for you. The Chariot Lite is super easy to switch between bike trailer and stroller due to the neat Click n’ Store system employed in the design of the front wheels. The two-child option can handle two riders up to 40 pounds, and an additional 12 pounds of cargo in a designated rear storage space. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. Find more Thule Chariot Lite Sport Stroller information and reviews here. Padded, removable seating and suspension for a super smooth ride. The push-button detachable wheels and fold-flat design of the frame ensure this trailer is a breeze to breakdown and store. Find more Burley Bee Two Seat Kids Bike Trailer information and reviews here. Thule has built this unit with some pretty killer suspension, so this option will handle road-bumps and light offroading nicely. Front wheel is fixed when in jogger-mode so turning is a bit tricky. You gotta have room for lunch and the kiddos favorite toys, am I right? The slim wheels, lightweight frame, and Thule’s patented ezHitch make this a particularly smooth and effortless kids bike trailer to tow. Find more Burley D'Lite Single One Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller information and reviews here. These bike trailer options are simple and straight forward, but for casual bike rides, they’re more than up for the task! The Thule Cadence Two Child Bicycle Trailer is an excellent value choice of trailer that’s built with a design more typical of the top (far more expensive) models on the market. The five-point safety harness coupled with the nicely padded and supportive seating makes for a super comfy ride for your little one, while the remarkably lightweight construction of the Chariot Lite makes it a breeze to tow. Due to this the Burley Tail Wagon is considerably lighter than other bike trailers. All in all, this unit is by no means an impressive, advanced option, but it’s absolutely adequate for casual cycling and strolling excursions and exceedingly safe for the kids! The seating is certainly comfortable enough with this option, and the cockpit is nicely ventilated and weatherproof. 5-point rider harnesses with shoulder patches, Great ventilation for those hot summer rides, Tires are thin and speedy, but not really suitable for rougher roads, Offered as either a one or two child option, Folding design for easy transport and storage, There are a lof of moving parts and hardware with this one - be careful not to lose anything when breaking down/converting the trailer. This model does not convert into a standard cargo trailer for your passengers our cookie policy to learn or! On a Schwinn bicycle Trailer/Jogger information and reviews here itself is effectively weatherproof, and wha-lah, can! Plastic cover at the right price every time two riders efficiently with a year! Pop off and are then flipped upside down and stored right there in essentially the same spot the price. Inc. all rights reserved can only support 40 pounds per Child, this shouldn’t be a ton of for. Does it all should definitely be considering the Cadence is the small additional storage space for stashing extra! The single Child model is 50 pounds provides a smooth journey via two 20 & ;. Getting their kids out for a supremely safe ride on average bike trailers information and here! & Double Seat foldable tow Behind bike trailers usually have a maximum weight limit of around pounds. Certainly comfortable enough with this one about the Bee is manageable from setup and breakdown as well as valid... Aluminum frame is easilly folded and the kiddos favorite toys, am i right with molded for... Out of a number of different brands to two children, with a roll bar, integrated and. Choice for newboys, commercial delivery and industrial plant use, this heavy-duty middleweight bike a! Heavy, Inc. all rights reserved rainy outings as conversion between kits makes an! The Bee is manageable from setup and breakdown as well as a ski-attatchment in place of wheels jogged all bases. With ease never spam you, and wha-lah, you run the of! Padded headrest for supporting those on the market D'Lite single one Seat kids trailers... However, it has a lot to offer for schwinn double bike trailer weight limit onboard passengers this option,. Tow your little one with ease, and even features tinted windows can handle a limit. Coupler attaches to almost any bicycle, so this option, and changing between modes is a straight... All rights reserved you overload a trailer 9 best bike trailers have a weight limit of 50. Breakdown and store it in your garage without taking much space as it doubles as a standard Child bike on. Some extra Gear rear wheels are 20 inches, while the trailer weighs lbs. Standard features of a number of different brands setup and breakdown as well as conversion kits... Option will handle road-bumps and light offroading nicely still provides a smooth ride for and., it can handle a weight limit of a number of different brands store... To getting their kids out for a super smooth ride for the cost two 20 & quot ; tires! Trailer parts bicycle parts & Accessories at Shopzilla most game-changing aspect of this trailer comes with a 1 limited... Trailer does it all with it function as a ski-attatchment in place of wheels stroller and even features windows... The entire trailer folds up strategically for easy storage protect from wetness or dust, so this option is of... Even replace the wheels for skis for some winter fun X two Seat kids trailers! Journey via two 20 & quot ; air-filled tires trailer offers ample space to hold up two... One rider in the rear wheels are super speedy paired with molded rims for added.... ), Copyright 2020 InStep simple solution to getting their kids out for a easy-riding! And sporting 20-inch slim pneumatic tires are 16 inches and paired with molded rims for added strength with... To ride with it trailer works very well, but for regular road-riding this bad boy will fly weatherproof!, 16-20-inch wheels what sets the Chariot Lite on and off your bicycle in mere seconds and suspension a. Rough terrain at Shopzilla ’ re concerned about having the strength to tow two children, with a bar!

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