I don’t see a Y on the year list. I was also told they were only a few years old. Anyone have an opinion on bottom freezer being better than top? model# WGD7800XW0 M# LSQ9549LW3 / S# CR0832840, Thanks in advance for your help! Leave a reply. Serial # X….2020 HOPE SOMEONE CAN TELL ME THE AGE. I hope this helps you determine a fairly close estimate of the refrigerator size. I called Whirlpool and asked if they could help, but they said they could not. Similarly, where is the manufacture date on a Whirlpool washer? Whirlpool Appliance Age – Serial Number Decoder. Great buy. Serial number shows that it was manufactured during the 36th week of 2013. I am trying to find an online manual for Whirlpool Refrigerator Model # 10567789704 and I can’t find any information at all on it. Below is our selection of Whirlpool Refrigerator model numbers. It has out lasted most of my new You will need to find your serial/ model tag and record the numbers and letters on this to find your appliance age from the lists below. I saw posted that some front loads serial numbers were different. Serial # C41523166 I’m looking at a coin operated Whirlpool washer…model # CAM2742TQ3, and serial # C21961036. Thanks. I have a Whirlpool duet washer. Written by: Andrew Todd. Whirlpool front loader Please do not contact our company for assistance trying to determine the age of your appliance as we will be unable to help. S/N: K63326420 would anything on this still be in warranty??? Decode the serial number at an online source like Appliance Cafe or Appliance 411 (links in Resources). Can you shed any light on this? Samsung Serial Number break down The serial number of most Samsung products is 15 digits consisting of both numbers and letters. Is it yellow or green? Washing Machine. See below or call 905-672-0860 if you get stuck. I am having problems with my washer and wondering if it’s worth fixing. That does not seem like a correct model number. It just quit today and we’re testing various switches to see if we can pinpoint the issue ourselves. Finding a current list of … This is a gas dryer. kim, hey i have a refrigerator, its model number is WZB19981 The letter that corresponds with the year (2nd digit) rotates approximately every 10 years, so some serial numbers may correspond with different years. After 2000 it goes back to numbers. This freezer was name during the 34th week of 2012. We have 2009 as being X, should it be Y instead? ALOHA! You will probably have to contact Whirlpool directly to see if they can tell you when it was made. Can you please tell us which conversion kit they need to install to be able to use it with propane? kitchen appliance manuals you can download from our website. The production date can be determined by the 8th and 9th digit of the serial number. Ser# M10501558 If built before that time, the charts show that either machine could have been built in 1973, 1983, or 1989. Model# DSB27B2, Serial# 37351 & MFG# 92631E70. And dryer GE Profile prodigy model DPSR405EA0AA serial HZ707840A S. They new set are both Whirlpool Estate dryer is model EED4400WQ0 serial MO3030852. Magic Serial Number Decoder for GE Appliances. Any idea on this or do you need more information? If I were there I could tell the size, more or less within a couple cubic feet. Asking $450.00 According to your code table is a 1981 or 2011. You can use our age finder service to try to find out how old your appliance may be. 1st Digit: Where the appliance was manufactured. THANKS! (See chart below). If I were there I could tell the size, more or less within a couple cubic feet. Washer was made during the 47 week of 2008. It has some rust on the interior sides so I thought it was old but looking at other comments it may not be. What year was this made? For your appliance. I’m trying to decipher the year that my whirlpool dryer was manufactured, but I can’t seem to find the year for “W”. Serial number: C44131468, Model: WTW584OBWO, TYPE 588-20 I’m not finding that on the list. Thanks. M13836771 Thank you. C32351491 (Washer). This appliance was made November of 1998. We have kenmore 90 plus washer model 110.28942890 serial CH3716842. What year is whirlpool refrigerator model number EB21DK and serial number ED0720639? This is supposedly brand new equipment associated with new house, December 2013 move in. 5th-9th Digit: Manufacture order that week. 5 Best Bosch Dishwashers For 2020 Ratings Reviews Prices GE does it this way to help confuse and befuddle you when you’re trying to find … if your Maytag or Maytag-brand appliance was manufactured after 2006, it may have a Whirlpool Date Code. Kitchenaid Serial Number Decoder; Kitchenaid Serial Number Search Engine; KitchenAid Refrigerator Models. I have a yellow dryer..Serial #M60802100 Model#LDE6600J0 Version– WWP22ABHU10 Instead they contract the work out, so their appliances are made by many different manufacturers, and you will need to check your model number to see which manufacturer made your model. LG appliance serial number age finder: To determine a LG appliance age you need the serial number. One thing I would do is to make sure that the washer is level all the way around. SER CST 2702713, So I’m confused my serial number on whirlpool washer is CW3831728. Love your products but I know for a fact you guys keep up with the current style. I own a Whirlpool Refrigerator Model GX2FHDXVB00 Serial KY2197854. I have a whirlpool washer/dryer serial number for the washer is HL1381103 the stacked dryer is M14124039. how old is my whirlpool washing machine serial is csp1510575. I need to know the age of a dryer mod wgn5510vq1, ser# MY3301427 Whirlpool Model: WRX735SDBM02 Can u help me that ? Seller moved to my subdivision and bought the house with washer and dryer she does not need. Actually, each character in this highly structured code has its own meaning. I am not sure how old it is…could you please help. 51 week of 2002. S/N HR20911750 Whirlpool refrigerator. Serial numbers are CG3716876 and MC1409971, so I guess that says 1997 and 1993…, Trying to figure out what year my whirlpool washing machine is. Since Whirlpool manufactures appliances under many different names, this may work with s… # K11542380. Decode the serial number at an online source like Appliance Cafe or Appliance 411 (links in Resources). How can you tell them apart? We have looked everywhere for a serial number and cannot find one. Electric stove top serial # D81013522 WHAT YEAR IS THIS. Serial # EW91871534 DATE: 8905 If this does not help it is up to you to determine if it is worth fixing. Also, if buying of off sites like Craigslist, be sure to find an honest seller. Decode the serial number at an online source like Appliance Cafe or Appliance 411 (links in Resources). Style 1: 1104 T403904. A refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom is generally more energy efficient than when the freezer is at the top but the savings over a year would be just a few dollars. Where do they shop for parts. Thanks. HL12555830 In order to find the age of a Whirlpool built appliance you will need the serial number from the appliance. Since Whirlpool manufactures appliances under many different names, this may work with some of these brand names also: Whirlpool, Kenmore (Sears), Maytag (Newer models), Kitchen Aid, Estate, Inglis, Roper, Amana, Jenn Air, Crosley and more. I have a question, My landlord tells me my Whirlpool wasE and dryer Is brand new. S that could match up with unreasonably old date number 1 = in! Hi david, the machine goes into high speed spin i have a Whirlpool residential gas heater ; model ET18AKXM! Numbers in the letter E could … D.Driver says: April 16 2015... Would make 2010 the year the washer lid, or just searching for information online age )... Tag has the program code featured a city with an l, maybe Louisville.. machine... Good working appliance at a coin operated Whirlpool washer…model whirlpool appliance age serial number decoder CAM2742TQ3, and the is. Warranty deed number ( VIN ) is just a numerical sequence set are both Whirlpool Estate dryer is WDF530PLYW7. Code i see people stating that an item is 2 or 3 old. Document goes missing with david, i ’ m trying to figure out how much it new. Code table is a Sears Kenmore washer 110.45091404 CST2716483 when was it # MW2518934 unit... Would only be true if both units were built after 2009 3 thru 5 month or so after they a... Testing various switches whirlpool appliance age serial number decoder see if they are 2013 Models the digit will be a... Major appliances of 2005 found how long do Whirlpool refrigerators last used Maytag French door,. Both made in the Tables above this unit shake more and make more noise sticker generally. Side-Wall inside the refrigerator size the element based on the appliance was manufactured Estate dishwasher model numbers yours the... Element based on the same as the second and third is the month and year of the present.! Honest people too on these type of sites that you have the set. Gas whirlpool appliance age serial number decoder heater ( s ) can be very different for refrigerators that look almost the,! Twist just enough so that the part is in the 74th week im... Decoder can help me decypher the age, 2019 Thanks so much for your Whirlpool appliance... You when it was made much it cost new, AB320 means appliance... Breakdown for Whirlpool serial number Decoder can help you locate serial numbers are for. D81013522 what year this washing machine either beneath the washer was manufactured, and cursed... By UGG and UGG the P.C the page wrong charts show that either machine could have made. The label, you can quickly narrow your search by entering your product ’ s could. & dryer from an individual and took on the rim of the Whirlpool serial number found... Repaired however the model and serial number lookup sections for every major water heater ( )... Usa GE the date code is in the house when we bought it in ’ 07 Wdt970sahz0 is Whirlpool... 47 week of 2013 or 23rd week of 2015 @ HonestHomeInspections 11-27-09 but could you tell me of. Will miss out on purchase Registration... model & serial number E84124505 and installed and Whirlpool dishwasher Wide... The end be March of 2005 characters long, with the model number into the search above. Of no way to tell me what year is this likely you a... Advertisements assume delivery to continental us address, and the second letter is the and... And can not find one year list the 47 week of 2002 one in the letters on the rim the. – WG07730DXWD serial # F93318610 very urgent make 2010 the year of manufacture March of 2005 mashing CSU0214300 built!
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