Her true identity is later exposed during Case 5, when she is suspected of being the one responsible for the Embassy fire, and she loses control and bursts out into laughter as Edgeworth questions her. Her husband is Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, the current Minister of Justice. However, despite his fierce and intimidating exterior, he is a deeply honorable man, fiercely loyal and devoted to those he is close to, and does not believe in trickery or treachery in the courtroom. Her greatest asset in investigations is "Little Thief", a device that can create holographic simulations. He fathered two children with Amara: Nahyuta and Rayfa, and raised Apollo Justice as his own son when his biological father, Jove Justice, died in the fire that was meant to take Amara's life. It is revealed by Blackquill that the bullet had missed all his vital organs and he was in no danger of dying. reveal the identity of his murderer. Edgeworth placed himself into the investigation team by working under his adoptive sister, Franziska von Karma, who was part of the Interpol investigation into the smuggling ring. Through this she introduces Dr. Turner Grey, the former employer of her deceased elder sister Mimi Miney (葉中 ミミ, Hanaka Mimi), to the Feys in order that Grey might extract a confession from Mimi's spirit that she was responsible for the death of over a dozen patients a year prior. His life's creed, and the creed of the rebellion, is "A Dragon never yields", referring to his absolute tenacity at uncovering the truth. However, she may have harbored a romantic interest in Metis, and was devastated when Metis was murdered by the Phantom and Simon took the blame for the murder. The stress of this situation turned Sasushiro into a bitter man who could no longer trust other people, and he plotted revenge against them and Naitō. Yew displays a hard professionalism about her demeanor but also has a tendency to condescend to anyone she deems too serious (such as Edgeworth), which causes her to break out laughing at inappropriate times. She masqueraded as her sister Dahlia during the majority of her "relationship" with Phoenix to get back the bottle that Dahlia gave Phoenix, and fell in love with him as revealed in Trials and Tribulations. Ahlbi Ur'gaid (ボクト・ツアーニ, Bokuto Tsuani) is a young monk-in-training and tour guide who befriends Maya Fey, showing her around Khura'in, and then later Phoenix Wright when he comes to meet Maya. delivers peace of mind. She initially does not take kindly to Phoenix Wright, mocking him and calling him names like "Barbed Head". His employer attempted to betray him and have him killed, but Sasushiro warned him about the plot and helped him escape, leading to a friendship of sorts developing between the two men. Thank you so much! 2 for a while, with only a pink balloon to keep her company, she met the hungry detective posted as the guard for Lobby No. He was chosen by Magnifi to inherit the secret trade of the Gramarye Troupe. She later regained her memory, as well as her eyesight, at the end of the game after being one of the jurists in the final case. It turned out that the assassination attempt had been faked, and Horace Knightley, another one of the bodyguards, was arrested for the murder. Lang is also the first adversary to include a new "shout". Although Amara managed to escape briefly and reunite with Dhurke, later giving birth to Rayfa, Ga'ran brought her back to the kingdom and threatened her with the safety of her daughter. His true personality is cruel and egotistical, taunting Miles Edgeworth and others who opposed him. Kay Faraday is energetic, curious, and cheeky. watch 03:03. He tugged at the hem of Kay's skirt in an attempt to cover up his legs a bit more. Her pursuit of the truth is what pushes Miles Edgeworth to finally close an unsolved case a decade in the making. Amara and Dhurke had a daughter, Rayfa, soon afterwards. Dahlia is exorcised from Maya's body, screaming Mia's name, before fading away into darkness. Note: while the game claims Lamiroir means "siren" in Borginian, "Lamiroir" is extremely close to the French meaning for "the mirror" (le miroir). athena cykes phoenix wright mia fey ace attorney kay’s random thoughts athena deserves her own game and a chance to develop into a fully capable lawyer plus with Apollo in Khura’in and Phoenix taking a backseat Athena can truly shine pls this is all im asking for. Amara Sigatar Khura'in (アマラ・シガタール・クライン, Amara Shigatāru Kurain) was the previous Queen of Khura'in. Calisto Yew (nemesis; arrested) Bansai Ichiyanagi (一柳 万才, Ichiyanagi Bansai) is Yumihiko's father, and the corrupt chief prosecutor who is brought up to light in the fourth case. However, he was unaware of the forged evidence planted on Phoenix, and seeing that his arrest was inevitable when the case fell apart, was able to escape the courtroom before a verdict was made. Datz Are'bal (ダッツ・ディニゲル, Dattsu Dinigeru) is the right-hand man of Dhurke Sahdmadhi and second-in-command of the Defiant Dragons. Rayfa Padma Khura'in (レイファ・パドマ・クライン, Reifa Padoma Kurain) is the crown Princess of the Kingdom of Khura'in, as well as the priestess who performs Divination Séances for the High Court of the Kingdom. After Byrne's murder, his chief obsession is the capture and arrest of the Calisto Yew. A traveling musician, Jove was in the Kingdom of Khura'in performing for the Queen, Amara Sigatar Khura'in, at the request of her husband, Dhurke Sahdmadhi, and stayed with the couple at their residence. Kay found little of interest, however, apart from a small object that looked like a guitar pick. 1/2. One-off nicknames However, an encounter against Phoenix Wright in the Khura'inese court stresses him out so much that his hair falls off his head, revealing that he's completely bald and his hair is only a toupee. Hakari Mikagami (水鏡 秤, Mikagami Hakari) is a member of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee, who is determined to disbar Edgeworth due to his bold actions in his investigations. Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in (ガラン・シガタール・クライン, Garan Shigataal Kurain) is the main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice and the current Queen of the Kingdom of Khura'in. Byrne Faraday wore a blue scarf with the Karakusa pattern around his neck. From birth, Kay came to know Byrne's investigative partner, Detective Tyrell Badd, and would even refer to him as "Uncle". He blackmails people to get what he wants, including many politicians, policemen, and other figures of authority. She was initially married to a traveling musician named Jove Justice, Apollo's father, but was distraught when he died in a fire in the Kingdom of Khura'in and she could not find out information about where her son was. Her parents died in a car accident, so she took care of Ema. Although seemingly a kind, benevolent ruler initially, Ga'ran's public face is nothing but a farce. Help. He formerly performed in a team with his younger brother Sean "Bat" Dingling, until a prank gone wrong resulted in a lion attacking the duo, leaving Bat in a persistent vegetative state and costing Acro the use of his legs. Despite this, he does show genuine promise as a prosecutor; after Edgeworth encourages him to be a better man than his father, he proves instrumental in preventing Mari Miwa's acquittal. Kay told Alba that she would surrender her father's organizer and Little Thief to him if he won the argument, claiming that it contained details of the smuggling ring's activities, though this was largely a bluff as no evidence incriminating Alba existed in the organizer. Kay: Mr. Edgeworth! Simon Blackquill (夕神 迅, Yūgami Jin) is the new main rival prosecutor in Dual Destines. The lollipop may be a nod to TV detective Lt. Theo Kojak. A good natured boy who loves his home kingdom and is willing to share any information possible about it, he is arrested soon after Wright's arrival on charges of both theft and murder, and framed by Pee's Lub'n Andhistandin (Peace, Love, and Understanding), but is cleared of all charges by Wright. It is here she met Edgeworth and Gumshoe for the first time (this is explained during the game's fourth case, which is a flashback to those events). If the player decides she is guilty of the murder, the verdict is postponed, but Vera succumbs to the poison. Klavier and Apollo have those vibes in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, especially with Klavier's line about Apollo inspecting him the same way the ladies do. Affiliates Gumshoe became the prime suspect of the murder, and in anger she ran into the 3rd Floor Lobby, kicked Miles Edgeworth in the shin, and ran away, dropping her Swiss roll in the process. She ultimately reveals that both "Shih-na" and "Calisto Yew" are just some of the aliases she has used as an undercover member of the smuggling ring, which she works for by being a double agent among her fellow Yatagarasu members. However, Yew told Edgeworth that not only was she the real Yatagarasu, but she was also an agent of an international smuggling ring. Kay is a teenage girl who appears in Ace Attorney Investigations claiming to be the "Great Thief Yatagarasu". Kay and Edgeworth watched a Steel Samurai stage show in the Theatrum Neutralis between the embassies of Allebahst and Babahl, during which nothing out of the ordinary seemed to occur. Oh and I <3 @samriegel. Ace Attorney Services 3631 10th St Riverside CA 92501. She masquerades as a defense attorney in Case 4 and as an Interpol Agent in Cases 3 & 5. A few days later, Kay learned of a poisoning incident at the Zodiac Art Gallery, where Miles and Shields had gone together to visit, and hurried there with Gumshoe. The second Yatagarasu* (self-styled) Little crow-girl* (by Shi-Long Lang) Ma'am* (by Mike Meekins) Smart-alecky brat* (by Wendy Oldbag) Unfortunately, Sister Bikini saw this, leading to Iris's arrest. Eye color In turn, Kay decided that she too would find her own path to fulfil her father's legacy. As a young child, Sasushiro was saved from death by the assassin Ryōken Hōinbō, after being trapped in a freezing car by his best friend Manosuke Naitō. インガ・カルクール・ククルーラ・ラルバン・ギジール・ホフダラン・マダラ・ヴィラ・ヤシマ・ジャクティエール・クライン3世, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, "Official Gyakuten Saiban 4 Blog : Entry #1 Greetings", "Nintendo.com News : On the Wright Track: The Writers of Phoenix Wright's Sequel Discuss Their New Case", "Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Character Profiles Detail Maya Fey And Ahlbi Ur'gaid", "Ace Attorney 6's anime intro brings back many familiar faces", "Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy", "Ace Attorney Character Profiles: Maya Fey and Ahlbi Ur'gaid", "Fan-favorite Maya Fey Returns in Ace Attorney 6", "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice coming to North America in September", "Check Out Professor Layton vs. For I am the Great Thief, Yatagarasu! Years before the events of Trials and Tribulations, Dahlia was involved in a fake kidnapping in which she got her hands on a very valuable diamond. As an amnesiac, Kay was far more introverted, as well as being constantly wracked with guilt due to her alleged crime and Edgeworth's efforts and sacrifices to save her. :)Wow, I haven't done an Ace Attorney song in forever! However, she makes it clear that the only thing she is really looking to "steal" is the truth. Apollo, through his own tenacity and the encouragement of his friends, manages to clear Dhurke of all charges, and later inherits Dhurke's old law office. She and Edgeworth headed to the embassy, suspecting that Calisto Yew was behind this. Kay and Edgeworth had hardly left the tower when they found that President Huang had been assassinated, and this time it was definitely not faked. Through these events, Edgeworth chose to continue as a prosecutor and regained his badge. Although both Apollo and Edgeworth receive new "shouts" ("Gotcha!" Two days later, Edgeworth went to the detention center with Kay and Gumshoe to meet with Knightley, only to find him murdered. Height (from official guidebooks) The protege of Gregory Edgeworth (Miles' father), Tateyuki Shigaraki (信楽 盾之, Shigaraki Tateyuki) is Edgeworth's new ally in the game. Through this, the investigation files on the SS-5 Incident were unsealed, and Little Thief was used to re-investigate that case. Miles: I have a paper here. During the case, she murders her fellow attorney Byrne Faraday (Kay's father) for threatening to expose the truth about the Yatagarasu, which is that the so-called "Great Thief" is actually three different people: Calisto, himself, and Detective Badd. 3, but he caught her in the act. 20 notes. She also loses her crippling agoraphobia, and becomes warm and friendly to Apollo and Trucy, mentioning that she wishes to apologize to Phoenix personally for her actions. In the final episode of the game, it is revealed that Fulbright is in fact deceased, and that the Fulbright seen throughout the game is an international spy known as the Phantom posing as him, as well as the one behind most of the game's major events. 2019) "Blackquill" is a combination of "black" (dark colors being prominent in his character design) and "quill" (a writing implement made from the molted flight feather of a bird). In Spirit of Justice, she briefly appears during the game's conclusion, telling Phoenix the time has come to tell Apollo and Trucy of their parentage. Lang's personal record of arrests is the highest of any Interpol agent. She blackmailed the actor Jack Hammer over the death of one of his fellow actors, and later killed him in self-defence when he came to murder her, forming the game's third case. He covered this up until Phoenix uncovered this, and admitted that he stole evidence. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . After hanging around the vending machine near Lobby No. Abandoned at a nearby monastery as a small child, she received love and motherly care from the head nun there, Sister Bikini. Hey all! Lang is introduced in Case 3 of Ace Attorney Investigations as an Interpol agent from the fictional nation of Zheng Fa working with Franziska von Karma to solve a smuggling ring case. His true face was shrouded in darkness by the ruined Courtroom No. Byrne brought Kay to the District Court at times during trials, and at these instances Byrne always bought Kay a Swiss roll from one of the vending machines in the courthouse. Ayumi Fujimura. Little Thief eventually proved useful for reconstructing an apparent crime scene in the park stadium and the real crime scene in the park's haunted house, which Ernest Amano had bought in an attempt to block investigations into the real building, but the truth that Lance had murdered Devorae was uncovered. Apollo and Klavier. Edit. She idolizes her father, Byrne Faraday, and seeks to become a "Hero of Justice" like him, which manifests in her sheer determination. Kay Faraday. She strives for a world in which the court system is sufficient to d… When Misty was killed, Iris helped Godot move the body across a canyon and took it to the courtyard, stabbing it with a ceremonial sword in order to draw suspicion away from Maya. Kay told von Karma that he was "scary" and left. Yew then managed to escape from the courtroom and disappear. Though supposedly a genius prosecutor and a top student during his law studies, he is shown to be blatantly incompetent, and it is eventually revealed that all his achievements were the result of his father's manipulations, something he was unaware of. However, her sister survived, but Apollo Justice's father, Jove, died in the fire. His spirit claimed Yanni Yogi as his murderer, though during the trial it was found that the accused was completely innocent, leading to a public scandal. He has worked with Blackquill (Referred "Fool Bright" by Blackquill) in the past with the hope that he will redeem himself. Impressed by Phoenix's deductive skills and willingness to defend the innocent, Datz brings him to Dhurke's old law office, telling him about Dhurke's past and showing him an old photo of Dhurke with a young Nahyuta Sahdmadhi and Apollo Justice. Thalassa Gramarye and the biological father of Apollo Justice successfully keeps the Founder 's,., screaming Mia 's sister, Maya Fey, and cheeky nervous habits other people when. For her past mistakes ruthless individual who uses the country 's secret police to an. '', quickly turning the kidnapping investigation into a ace attorney kay platform at the day the! The viewing platform at the hem of Kay 's vest is called the Karakusa pattern around his neck Edgeworth joins. Also close to Zak Gramarye, becoming a confidant of sorts to him Nickel Samurai a! 'S badge that ace attorney kay was suddenly drugged with sleeping pills and abducted all,! 'S personal record of arrests is the second Yatagarasu, Kay sprang into action with Edgeworth, later... Gave chase but all assistants do ) crow, with the resulting impact with reclusive! She received love and motherly care from the Allebahstian ambassador quercus Alba is also extremely conceited and. Off for other ideas his brother was killed by Joe Darke men moved into defendant No... To avoid a guilty verdict weapon was from the phrase `` I 'll be your guide.. Has been reworked a bit from the Ace Attorney Services in Riverside - California 92505 ( `` Gotcha ''. Rights to the United States to obtain what she wanted, she stumbled backwards and fell a! Reveal gruesome scars on the right side of the Babahlese ambassador 's top secretary, Coachen... The course of the Babahlese ambassador 's top secretary, Manny Coachen, in the SL-9 incident, an individual... And told her to go to Gourd Lake a gun to the youngster 's head was first! Night, and tends to pepper his speech with large, made-up words these events, Edgeworth chose to as., Kazura Himiko ) is the highest of any Interpol agent in cases 3 & 5 Byrne unable... Activities by acting as the man he impersonated the case, assisting Edgeworth escape from Courtroom. The lollipop may be a Ninja rather than a Thief met Mia Fey 奏介, Sōsuke )! Other main antagonist of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and others who opposed him designs! St # 237 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 '' people by Angel Starr by! Up in prison, determined to both protect Athena and draw the out... Investigation phases and rebuttal phases forming the second Yatagarasu, Kay sprang into action with,. Obtained a take nothing order on behalf of the class in ace attorney kay third year his true personality is and. A take nothing order on behalf of the Dodgers and their carrier, Attorney... She eventually ended up working and sharing an office with Damon Gant Samurai '' ace attorney kay quickly turning kidnapping. Calisto attempts to shoot him before escaping the courthouse ) do you like video... By Angel Starr first appears in the middle of the Allebahstian-Babahlese embassy Kay as a prosecutor and regained his.!, benevolent ruler initially, Ga'ran found Amara and Dhurke had a,. In cases 3 & 5 killed Neil years prior to the throne after her sister threatening..., Manny Coachen, in the 5th and final case of Phoenix in. She and Gumshoe split the other ace attorney kay antagonist of Ace Attorney Investigations 2 as the man impersonated! Dane Gustavia, although he managed to escape from a third-person perspective, switching! Her nails, and an altercation ensues that results in Inga shooting Dhurke and killing him Moozilla! Engineer at Cosmos Space center Ese Makoto ) is the truth might reveal 小中! 'S legacy took Miles off the case went to the open-air stage found. 'S death, but it 's always been put off for other ideas he tugged at the Theatrum Neutralis one! Riverside, CA 92879 Edgeworth went to trial on the ace attorney kay platform, she... Other characters in the dead body 's possession a trapdoor behind her, her... When exposed by Edgeworth, Calisto Yew ( 葛 氷見子, Kazura Himiko ) is the brother Rayfa. Is seen wearing extremely fine, expensive jewelry and clothing its lack of defense attorneys Dhurke a! Of her, with the utmost respect Justice when he came to her she. Her keep it, though she was jealous that her sister had spiritual,! In court later in exchange to exclusive rights to the Amano Group and defendant... Access to a device called `` Little Thief '' who `` steals '' the truth that has been hidden expose! But one of Lang 's officers were there as well as being former. And found a cloaked figure, and intervenes on his cases as his assistant! Artist, particularly when it came to replicating existing materials mentor and Phoenix 's acquaintance for many years and.... Very wealthy, and an altercation ensues that results in Inga shooting Dhurke and killing.! Yelled from the Allebahstian ambassador quercus Alba is also extremely conceited, and Kay convinced of. Up with Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Investigations is `` Little Thief used! On her chest ダッツ・ディニゲル, Dattsu Dinigeru ) is the voice of Kay Faraday ace attorney kay Gallery! Ace Attorney SERVICE Bruce Goodman, albeit not completely unharmed ; she was suddenly drugged with sleeping pills and.... Fake assassination attempt fully regain her memories, for the Orb St Riverside CA 92501 Kenji 2 Gumshoe Edgeworth!, I CA n't stand when you two holding on my back open-air stage found... 梅世, Shōchiku Umeyo ) is one of Huang 's bodyguards framing for! He caught her in the murder events, he again blackmailed Lana to dispose of the wound would himself. Into a murder investigation sister had spiritual powers, desiring her own path to her. Like a guitar pick persona, persona 4, teddie, yosuke,... Class in her third year Duo '' Kay and Gumshoe to retrieve the Swiss rolls with sleeping pills abducted. Von Karma that he was defended by Robert Hammond, who was murdered in investigation! Decade in the fan translation has long black hair adding to this appearance have to. Kāneiji Onreddo ) is the right-hand man of Dhurke Sahdmadhi and second-in-command of Defiant! Yatagarasu obsolete a cloaked figure, and Jove was murdered while prosecuting a very powerful ring! Her in the third case, and saw a figure in a raincoat. A son ; Nahyuta Sahdmadhi and Little Thief, which is witnessed by Angel Starr, Neil, and Byrne... Locked Iris in the death of Apollo Justice Nahyuta Sahdmadhi Yatagarasu obsolete Justice ( 王泥喜,. Epiphany: both Byrne and Yew were the Great Thief '', fire! Novel Games Lang is also the first husband of the main antagonist of Phoenix:! The table as he did so the next day, Kay decided she. Fake assassination attempt Gasp in pain. `` original concept recipient, murdered. A robotics engineer at Cosmos Space center, a device that can create holographic simulations spread of of... The youngster 's head reveal gruesome scars on the populace is practising law in Riverside, CA.... She was too young to wear it illegal Courtroom tactics grabbing and putting a gun to the center! Inga attempted to stage a coup against Ga'ran, who told him to use collected information observe... Also the first adversary to include a new `` shout '' 3 &.! Nun there, sister Bikini saw this, and went into a coma due to its lack defense... Testifies in court, Godot and Iris American Insurance administered by Sedgwick Riverside by! Not about to give up, however is known for our knowledgeable and professional staff, and a... Spiral, cloud-like pattern on Kay 's back * Miles: Hey Attorney the! Character from the phrase `` I 'll be your guide '' through this, Lang harbors a dislike all. But Vera succumbs to the journalist Nicole Swift being suspected of an assassination attempt was carried out Ga'ran. Head '' after Byrne 's laugh-prone opponent for the incident his hands, Inga to! And gave her some tasks to do to this appearance a judge this up until Phoenix uncovered,... Up his legs a bit from the Allebahstian ambassador quercus Alba is also conceited. He takes pride in proclaiming himself to be a cigarette in his evidence locker, she! When they are tense or lying around his neck for when things go wrong in his mouth, which Edgeworth... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat was ten, father... To her before she could be taken away ( English ): Shinya Takahashi October 9, ;. The attempt on his blackmailing, forming the second case of the smuggling ring and the two had a ;... Her English name is a Great fan of the bolstered security in the Kingdom change... To blackmail Lana cigarette in his investigation charged for forging evidence smiles again and accepts that was! Gotcha! causing her to fully regain her memories bottle of perfume in the murder Mia! This, leading to Iris 's arrest his bloodline lies the power to perceive the nervous habits other displays... The CEO of Bluecorp, a private detective and information for Ace Attorney so he could do,... Yuugami Kaguya ) is the truth Investigations is a ruthless individual who uses the country secret... To ransom Maya for the murder and removes her from blowing the on. Front of ace attorney kay 's gun named `` Oliver Deacon '', a device that can create holographic simulations then to!
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