During the peak hours this so called Bangalore traffic mess can extend all the way up to Kengeri or Bidadi , the outskirts of Bangalore. ( See also Mysore to Ooty and Mysore to Coorg ) Otherwise about 8 kilometers from the bridge that you exited Srirangapatna , comes the Outer Ring Road that crosses the Mysore highway. Bangalore --- 50 km ---> Ramanagara --- 30 km ---> Maddur --- 20 km ---> Mandya --- 22 km ---> Srirangapatna --- 13 km ---> Mysore City. From my travel experience here I am sharing you bliss the Bangalore to Mysore trip was on the wheel. While Café Coffee Day serves Cappuccino and Burger themes, Indradanush offers the typical south Indian menu. These simple language hacks will transform your travel experience! Get Free Cancellation, Lowest Price Guarantee on clean and safe Mysore Road Hotels. Upstream river Cauvery, India’s second largest waterfalls and possibly Asia’s first hydel power project, Shivanasamudra; and the legend surrounding pilgrimage site with sand-covered temples of Talakad ( 45 km before Mysore ) can be accessed; both a short drive off the highway. The highway has a total length of 149 kilometres (93 mi). Winters are an ideal time to visit the city as the weather is cool and pleasant. Brew King's is near to RV College of Engineering & Global Village tech park and is located on 5th floor of White Palace Hotel in Mysore Road. Leave early in the morning to avoid highway traffic and catch the early bird breakfast. It gives a panoramic view of the city and its monuments. Located off Mysore, it hosts a water and light fountain show every evening in its ornamental Brindavan Gardens. Within an hour of leaving behind the city roads, you are tempted to enter the pit lane at Grips (10:00 – 19:00 hrs/21:00 hrs on weekends), which is an international standard karting and bowling venue. The temple Cheluvanarayana is famous for its precious jewels collection which is only brought out during special occasions. Leave the highway and take this road if you want to head straight to Brindavan (KRS) and Ranganathittu bird sanctuary without entering Mysore city. Mysore City Map. So it depends on where are you heading to in Mysore. A small road goes adjacent to the Rarajeswari Dental Collage that is facing the Mysore road. Bangalore to Mysore cabs, ac car booking, road map, train Timings and one day tour sightseeing places in the route. Bangalore -> Kanakapura -> Malavalli -> Bannur -> Harohalli -> Chikkahalli -> Mysore Bangalore to Coorg via Channarayapatna: Select the Channarayapatna route (NH48 Route), if your destination is around Madikeri or Somwarpet area. Click on Hotel to see Additional OFF ( Upto 70% ) on Selected Bengaluru Hotels in Mysore Road. By the way Kamath's is veg and Vaishali is non veg restaurent. Though it is a busy route the traffic is practically uninterrupted and fast. The right branch leads towards Magedi and further to Tumkur. Cabs are available for one way drop-off from Bangalore Airport to Mysore. A little ahead on the highway you will exit Srirangapatna through the second bridge. On the map Mysore is located towards the southwest of Bangalore. The Bangalore-Mysore Highway passes through Channapatina. 248F originates from Krishnarajendra Market Bus Stop and ends at Karim Sab Layout Bus Stop. Distance from Bangalore Airport to Mysore is 185 km. … 691 and Get Amazing deals on MakeMyTrip Mysore Road Hotels. To read the Top 20 places to visit via Mysore Road, visit here. A giant signboard stands across the highway announcing the entry to Srirangapatna . Hotels in Mysore Road, Bangalore 23 Hotels available in Mysore Road, Bangalore starting from ₹522. All those trees were cut for the widening . If you are driving from the northern part of Bangalore, explore the possibility of using the peripheral ring roads , instead of driving through the middle of the city. Bangalore Mysore Road Tourist Places. As mentioned earlier, the second option to skip Mysore city is the take the Outer Ring Road, that encircles Mysore city. I will talk about the second route, Kanakapura Road here. The only manageable exceptions the few towns and large village centers , through which the Bangalore-Mysore highway passes through. Being a popular route, good number of fuel stations and washrooms are present all along. Present right beside the popular Kamat Lokaruchi, this is part of an initiative to document, showcase, uplift and preserve rural traditions and society. The fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Mysore is bus to Mysore and takes 2h 30m. Some of the restaurants on the way are also marked. After entering the town through a long bridge take the right. 38. Tipu’s summer palace, Gumbaz , the Nimishamba Temple etc are located in this part. Exit Bangalore City: Let us start from the Bangalore end of the highway. Find 100% Verified & Genuine Plots for sale in Mysore Road, Bangalore - Residential Plots / Land in Mysore Road Over Residential Plots, Corner Plots, Authority/Approved plots & sites, Owner posted layouts on Sulekha with plot specifications, amenities, price trends, photos, videos and more. You can most probably expect regular Bangalore to Mysore traffic, but certainly no severe congestion. The Kamat Lokaruchi is a famous stop for people who are making the journey from Bangalore to Mysore and you will realize this as soon as you try to find a spot to sit and eat. This place is popular for the brightly colored and lacquer coated wooden toys. To enter Mysore City or Not! Monsoons are also a good time to undertake a road trip from Bangalore to Mysore, but some destinations may have to be taken off the list since it may be cumbersome. The four-lane, 111km concrete expressway that will connect Bangalore, the state capital, with Mysore, the state’s cultural capital, is expected to cut driving time between the … Watch out this is an easy to miss diversion on the express way! A number of tourist attractions are located in Srirangapatna. Be it their walking tour or cycling tour or the jeep tour, they have itineraries tailored to individual interests and needs. International holiday coming up? Getting out of the Bangalore traffic mess can take one hour or even more. The Outer Ring Road almost encircles the city. The journey from Bangalore to Mysore takes you through scenes of industrial hubs, amusement parks, and historical towns. Click image below to check other routes. For those who are nostalgic about it! Pay toll for the Mysore Road exit. The driving time and distance of course depends of from where and when you are staring in Bangalore. The ambient is not sophisticated as some of the newer restaurants, but they serve tasty south Indian food. Bangalore to mysore bus trip by KSRTC Rajahamsa from Majestic and KR Market takes around 3hrs 30 Min to 5 hrs based on Traffic. For adrenaline junkies, the rock formations around Ramnagaram invite you to indulge in some rock climbing and rappelling. One such route that offers some truly individualistic experiences is the journey between Bangalore and Mysore. A little ahead on the highway on your left side you can see some signboards giving direction to the monuments on located the left side of the highway. Mysore city centre is some 5½ kilometers ahead from this point. After Mandya before hitting Srirangapatna a major road joins the Bangalore-Mysore highway on your right. The four lane road is a smooth driving experience that connects two cities. If you are traveling Bangalore to Mysore by Car, you can follow the route Bangalore – Bidadi – Ramnagara – Channapatna – Mandya – Mysore. Towards right it leads to NH 48 at Kunigal and towards right the SH-33 leads to Malavalli where it meets NH 209. Shortly after Ramanagara, on your right will appear the Kamath Lokaruchi drive in restaurant. Bangalore to Mysore distance is 145 km from City Railway Station (SBC). Tea stalls – open 24 hours, Bidadi-Ramanagaram, Kamat Lokruchi – next to Janapada Loka, Ramnagaram, Maddur Tiffany’s – Entrance to Maddur (best for Maddur vadas). The Club Resort. Bangalore to Mysore by Road more PHOTOS & MAPS, © 2010-2021   mysore.ind.in All Rights Reserved, Bangalore to Mysore distance by road is about 140 kilometers. Distance from Bangalore to Mysore by road is about 140 km. Mysore is also renowned for silk sarees; gifts, souvenirs and cosmetics in sandalwood; the dessert sweet Mysore Pak just adds to the city’s importance and a glimpse in to the royal heritage that abounds. Note everything is shown along the Cauvery River. 1km after you exit the island, you can see a steep right branch road at an expansive junction. This however isn’t a pit stop and deserves a whole day. The Ring Road crosses SH 17 ( Bangalore-Mysore Road) at a major junction some 10km ahead of Mysore city. Srirangapatna diversion on SH17: Route map to Brindavan Gardens (KRS), Balmuri & Yedamuri Falls, Ranganthittu bird sanctuary and Srirangapatna from Mysore. Srirangapatna is practically an island formed by two branches of Cauvery River. Speaking of royalty, Amba Vilas Palace known famously as Palace of Mysore (10:00 – 17:30 hrs), is the official home of the erstwhile family of Wodeyars. After passing Mandya town is Right-O, on your left! If Srirangapatna is part of your Mysore itinerary, keep it as the first or last item for obvious logistics advantage. Also see cities and towns distance coming in route from Bangalore and Mysore … Mysore, which has earned the sobriquet ‘Cultural Capital of Karnataka’, in addition to deserving a visit for its history, arts and culture also happens to be the hub which spins off some of the most exciting getaways. Hotels in Mysore Road is good Option for Bengaluru, we are offering Below Available in Mysore Road Hotels and Places where you can Stay, Book rooms from Available 10 Hotels Price Starts from @ Rs. As a source of drinking water for Mysore and Bangalore, Krishna Raja Sagar dam across river Cauvery is vital. In fact a whole “park” is under the canopy of this Banyan. Travel time : 3-4 hours                 Road Quality : 8/10                          Distance : 150 Kms. You'll spot this while on the highway to Mysore. During the peak season, it's a challenge to cross the highway to get to the Kamath's side. Otherwise it is typically a 3 hours drive, including a short break at one of those drive in restaurants en route. We provide Cab taxi services from Bangalore Airport to Mysore. You HAVE to do a tour of this historical and magical city with the passionate and knowledgeable folks at Royal Mysore Walks. Twenty minutes from Mysore, Chamundi hills, is one of the eight most sacred hills in South India with two temples. Definitely, the summers are not a great time to visit Mysor… Professionals can venture independently while there are a host of adventure clubs in Bangalore who cater to rookies and intermediates. Drive towards  Mysore :  As you reach Bidadi, the city traffic practically thins out. Twenty minutes from Mysore, Chamundi hills, is one of the eight most sacred hills in South India with two temples. The driving time and distance of course depends of from where and when you are staring in Bangalore. This/These train(s) is/are 06503, etc. There’s a superb 4 lane state highway that connects the two cities. You may save a lot of time in that way. Bangalore to Mysore Road Distance Guide helps you in finding shortest road between Bangalore and Mysore. Bangalore-Mysore road before the the 4 lane works. are the hospitals in mysore road close to the property. After Channapatana on your right are Indradanush and the Café Coffee Day on the same compound on the right side of your road. Srirangapatna, a town on a river island has various places of significant interest in terms of temple architecture and monuments related to Tipu Sultan’s reign of Mysore along with his summer palace. Spread over an area of more than 3 acres, this is boasted as one of the largest surviving trees in India. Check travel time, ticket fare, contact number, email id and Jayanagar to Mysore Road Timings in single click. This serves as a good accompaniment for tea from roadside stalls. As a source of drinking water for Mysore and Bangalore, Krishna Raja Sagar dam across river Cauvery is vital. Just next to Indradanush is the MTR . The Bangalore-Mysore Highway further passes through Channapatna. Sign boards for both appear well ahead. Just next to Indradanush is the MTR's Shivalli restaurant . The Bangalore-Mysore Highway is a wonderful road root that keeps so much of happiness and adventures for you. There is/are 1 direct train(s) from Bangalore to Mysore. For those who have seen the Bollywood movie Sholay , it would be interesting to know that the movie was shot in and around theses rocky hills. State Highway 17 (SH-17) is a state highway connecting the cities of Bangalore and Mysore in the south Indian state of Karnataka. Deve Gowda, and U.S. officials, which set the stage for launching the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor project. Ramanagaram area has some stunningly huge boulder hills. Bangalore to Mysore Trains Ramnagaram is also a popular spot among the rock climbing and bouldering fans. At Ramanagaram another state highway ( SH-3) intersects the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Indradanush , KFC and the Café Coffee Day, After Channapatana on your right are Indradanush , KFC and the Café Coffee Day all in the same compound on the right side of your road. Also there is a McDonald’s and Cafe Coffee Day on the left. Also, if you are keen, check out the train and bus options and  the cab options to reach Mysore from Bangalore. It travels through the below towns. Hotels near Mysore Road Station, Bengaluru on Tripadvisor: Find 309 traveler reviews, 34,897 candid photos, and prices for 1,371 hotels near Mysore Road Station in Bengaluru, India. The driving time and distance of course depends of from where and when you are staring in Bangalore. This place is popular for the brightly colored and lacquer coated wooden toys. This town is also known for its silk; several communities undertake sericulture for livelihood. Rocks at Ramanagaram, paddy and sugarcane fields near Maddur, bird watching at Ranganthittu. The minimum time taken by a train from Bangalore is 2h 50m. Bangalore to Mysore distance by road is about 140 kilometers. Bangalore to Mysore Road Distance : 146 km Bangalore to Mysore Aerial Distance: 128 km Bangalore to Mysore Travel Time: 2 h 40 min
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