When you see a zero in the ones place, say nothing. In fact, you don’t even need to say “degrees” if it’s obvious you’re talking about the temperature. The thousand separator (,) in the long number has become a decimal (.) When using exponential notation, m^2 means “square meter” or a space 100 cm × 100 cm, so 30 m^2 means, for example, a 1 m × 30 m area. 2. This is because .6m represents part of the whole number and is not a decimal (the part that is less than 1). Click here for the full list of ordinal numbers. What happens after 2010? Have you ever felt confused about where to say AND in numbers? If not, don’t worry, let’s break it down into steps and try again. So you say to spell out twelve, but then you say “12 percent”? Or Is it possible to say the Thirties in the 19th century (referring to a particular event or series of events in History)? If you’re like the people I teach, you’ve probably had similar problems, no matter what your level of English. In English, we give telephones numbers by saying each individual number in it:. (And here are the answers: 1. seventy-eight dollars forty 2. three hundred AND ninety-nine euros sixty 3. ten thousand yen 4. six thousand one hundred AND fifty-two dollars seventy-five 5. one hundred AND forty-two thousand, five hundred AND twenty-three dollars 6. eighty-nine point two two three percent 7. six hundred AND seventy-eight point eight million euros). e.g. Plots & Geometry. Now, let’s try a quiz! Thank you very much, Clark. Maths is weird, and I find it strange that stuff like this can happen with numbers. Read the number on the right after the decimal point as. So we don’t say “six hundred and sixty-five.”. 1,000,000,000     one billion. That means we don’t say “nineteen o’clock.” Ever. Thank you very much. However, there are some important differences between the way we say a decimal and the way we say a price. Can you share any insight? Saying numbers in different ways Saying numbers in different ways Find at least two ways of saying each of the numbers and amounts below. I think the best way to think about Fahrenheit is that between 50°F and 100°F is the human comfort zone! $42.65       forty-two dollars sixty five, But note, some currencies are never plural e.g. Dragon switches back to Dictation & Commands mode. If you are unsure, it’s always a good idea to repeat back to check you’ve understood correctly, or even write it down. When we say 1 ½, the following noun becomes plural Did you notice that in the example above, we said “one and half hours,” not “one and a half hour”. And yes — I was kind of aware that some Americans tend to drop the “and” after “a hundred.” It’s similar to the dates thing — “July the 4th” vs. “July 4th.”, Since language often tends towards simplification over time, I suspect the Americans might be ahead of the game here! When the bottom number is 2 or 4, we use “half/halves” and “quarter/quarters.”, Instead of saying ½ as “one second,” we say “one half” or “a half.”, And instead of saying ¼ as “one fourth,” we say “one quarter” or “a quarter.”. . Excellent! Also remember: when you use the third option (with “below”), you don’t need to say “zero” or “degrees,” but only do this when it’s clear whether you’re discussing Celsius or Fahrenheit. The list of sayings that include numbers can go on and on! Four kilometers and a half. I never realized I talked like that. Cubed numbers are written 2³ = We say "Two cubed" = 2 x 2 x 2 = Two cubed equals eight Example. Remember, you don’t need to say “Celsius” or “Fahrenheit” if it’s clear from the context. 1 , 0 0 0   thousands This is completely new information for me. Do you say two percent or two percents? Twenty is acceptable. OK. September, 3rd 2018 $1.89 = “one dollar eighty-nine (cents)” or “one dollar and eighty-nine cents” or “one eighty-nine” £200,000 = “two hundred thousand pounds” or “two hundred grand” or “two hundred K” €0.99 = “ninety-nine cents”. 6. Not the space with aliens and frightening amounts of radiation. Learn how to say numbers in English. You can dictate roman numerals by saying "Roman Numeral" before your number. Wow! Is it twenty-ten or two thousand and ten? not It’s because these numbers have no tens or units. With so many existing, you will likely come across some that you’re unfamiliar with. ', you say each number individually. Don’t say ‘and’ to represent the thousand separator: 1,5 50 one thousand five hundred AND fifty. British English still uses “one hundred AND sixty,” but a lot of Americans don’t use the “and.”. Quotations about Statistics Related Quotes Mathematics Science Business Advertising. 1,500           one thousand, five hundred 3692-5847 = three six nine two, five eight four seven. A rule of thumb is to write the numbers just as they sound. But be careful. by converting it into another unit, pronouncing part of the number another way, or using both American and British English. Most of the rules here are a bit different because they depend on context. If you said ten dollars, don’t worry – it’s a very common mistake! Numbers—Roman numerals. Was that February, 3rd (month, day) or the 2nd of March (day, month)? You are now a MASTER of saying numbers in English! How do you say these sentences? I completed two years of upper-division stat courses at university, and — even though I doubt it was the professor's intent — the most lasting thing I learned was exactly what they say, that you can make numbers say anything. They all use the symbol (.) 88 mph = “88 miles per hour” or “88 miles an hour” 45 km/h = “forty-five kilometres per hour” or “forty-five kilometres an hour” 300,000 km/s = “three hundred thousand kilometres per second” or “three hundred thousand kilometres a second”. The thousand separator is used to separate groups of hundreds, thousands and millions. Trig. The following lists only a few (we know you can add—for all Carl Sagan fans—“billions and billions” more): One is the loneliest number. 1400, 1100, 2100) just say “hundred” after the first numbers (“fourteen hundred,” “eleven hundred,” “twenty-one hundred”). It’s important to remember that the distances here are very likely to be plural (unless we’re talking about 1mph or 1km/sec). Remember to say these before reading on. we almost always use “the” before them. So we don’t say “six hundred and sixty-five.”. We say it as: two-thirds, two over three, and two divided by three. This is pretty simple. Congratulations! I can’t believe it! Tip: make a note of the numbers or pairs of numbers that you find difficult e.g. That’s a neat idea. You arrive a month late. Also I am soooooooo glad about finding out that numbers between 1 and 2 are already plurals. 1. For prices, we say the currency after the first number: For prices, if the number before the (.) To make numbers easier to read, numbers can be divided into groups using a ‘thousand separator’. I watched an old episode of QI last night. It sounds really weird when the rest of your sentence is in English. First, let’s take a look at decimals. time. %, ml, kg, etc. First we’ll look at decimals and then prices. — Yes! Consistent: You can earn from one million to five million dollars. 3rd September 2018 100,000               one hundred thousand & Calculus. Please move on. No, not the Sandra Bullock film. The last example above (3:03) is a little tricky. Pronounce a Number - powered by WebMath. The numbers represent the number of letters in each word: 4221 4221 means "Forever together to love one another". When rounding numbers, you must first understand the term "rounding digit." Here is a summary of the most important pitfalls to avoid: The key to confidence with numbers in English is to practise using them as often as possible. It will be written just as it sounds: one thousand two hundred thirty-four. On the long scale, if a number is of the form 10^(6n+3) you add the suffix -illiard. 3. Alex: So that meeting is on 2/3 – you mean the 2nd of March, right? Nitro on July 31, 2007 1:46 pm. Well, the answer depends on who you are talking to. There are 3 important points you should know about AND in numbers: 1▼55       one hundred AND fifty-five Thanks for such a great piece of info, Si. Thanks for sharing. For example, 2012 can be either “two thousand and twelve” or “twenty twelve“. 5. The problem with “nineteen hundreds” is that it can mean either 1900-1909 or 1900-1999. I’m still at twenty! In English, we normally read years in pairs of numbers. 19:00 (in this situation) = “seven” or “seven p.m.” or maybe “seven o’clock” 17:43 (in this situation) = “seventeen forty-three” 15:00 (in this situation) = “fifteen hundred hours” 18:30 (in this situation) = “six thirty” or “half-past six” or “half six” 08:03 = “eight oh-three” or “three (minutes) past eight”. Usually, the context is clear enough. Students that find saying big numbers difficult don’t realise that numbers are said in groups or ‘families’ of three (ones, thousands and millions) and that the comma or space in numbers represent a … Think about the context! a. twelve point six hundred and seventy-three, b. twelve and six hundred and seventy-three, d. twelve dot six hundred and seventy-three. I think it confuses lots of people. Thanks for the positive feedback and thanks for reading! Remember that if we’re dealing with a fraction that doesn’t have “1” on the top, the ordinal must be plural. Click here for the full list of ordinal numbers. We need numbers when we talk about money or how long that really boring film was or what the temperature is or the size of your new elephant factory. It only gets complicated if there are repeats, as in 23375. If you chose a, b, or d – you would be making a very common mistake, but the correct answer is c. To read decimals correctly follow these steps: a. thirty-five dollar and sixty-seven cent, b. thirty-five dollars point sixty-seven cents. I believe it is acceptable to choose to say 'and' or not in your expression of numbers - either is fine but as a British person I always say 'and' when speaking a number such as 1,256. Welcome to my page of quotations about statistics. It included the vital piece of information that, if you wrote all the numbers down in alphabetical order, the first odd number would be eight billion and eighty-five. Can you hear the difference? In English-speaking countries, a comma (,) is used: 1,000                   one thousand Click here for K-12 lesson plans, family activities, virtual labs and more! Say the complete number on the right after the decimal, Pronouncing and understanding spoken numbers, How to use the thousand separator and the decimal point. None of those choices sound right to me. When we’re talking about speed, we have a choice — we can say “per hour” or “an hour” (or “per second” or “a second”). 2,9▼02,3▼47    two million, nine hundred AND two thousand, three hundred AND forty-seven. ), we remove y and add -ieth: 20 – Twenty   =   Twentieth I think one hundred and two is more common in the UK. Generally speaking, to create an ordinal number, you just add “-th.” (Although sometimes the spelling can be tricky.) 4 Weird Tricks to Sound More Creative, Body Parts in English: 71 Parts of the Body You Might Not Know, Patterns in English: Everything You Need To Know (Almost), Making the Mountain Smaller: 3 Killer Strategies for Learning English Vocabulary, I can’t leave until I’ve beaten Kat’s score of, The next train leaving platform 4 will depart at, “It’s half 6.” (half + number) — this one’s a bit informal, and it, According to my calculations, the answer is, Yes, we must angle the mirror at precisely, I don’t want all of it — can you just give me, “Minus 40 degrees” (minus + number + degrees), “Negative 40 degrees” (negative + number + degrees), “Forty (degrees) below (zero)” (number + (degrees) + below (+ zero)), Yeah, we had to downsize. Synonyms for good with numbers include mathematically competent, accomplished, competent, numerate and proficient. Also check out Maths Vocabulary in English: Do You Know the Basics? With the following numbers, you have freedom of choice: 100 = “one hundred” or “a hundred” 1,000 = “one thousand” or “a thousand” 1,000,000 =  “one million” or   “a million”. Definitely don’t say “elephant.”. It was something you like to do called, dry style. And make sure that it’s clear that you’re talking about the temperature and not your downstairs neighbours. You can dictate roman numerals by saying "Roman Numeral" before your number. The first difficulty we all experience when learning numbers in a foreign language is to make a visual link between the number and the sounds we hear in words. TJ Taylor is a language school that organises intensive courses in the UK and Ireland for professionals, and delivers corporate courses in Italy for over 100 companies. To help you visualise this, AND is a link between the hundreds and the tens or units. 1,000,000            one million Pay special attention to the shape of your mouth and the position of your lips. From 'a bunch of fives' to 'zero tolerance' - fifty phrases and counting: A bunch of fives. For the decade 2001 – 2010, you say “two thousand and —-” when speaking British English: 2001 = “two thousand and one” 2009 = “two thousand and nine” However, from 2010 onwards you have a choice. If your number is of the year ends in double zero ( e.g it. Hence your odd “ slip up! ” hears this regularly from tens and ones.... And I find it strange that stuff like this can happen with numbers include mathematically competent, numerate proficient... Always on the long number has become a decimal and the listener know the. ( month, so I hate it when people say “ 12 metres squared ” number! Often hear these expressions in every group of three numbers that will come up will be a typo,. Situations, use “ and ” to either “ grand ” or “ a.m. to. With math, or dates hair is looking great today. ” s an international.. Say, numbers can be either “ two and a comment on the situation British English still “... Mistakes saying numbers in hundreds, then tens also uses a comma ( )! S a really good point and something we hadn ’ t move on to the shape your. Very often we don ’ t talk about time or purely Arizonan way of saying in... ( how many first places are there in a race? ) of books don ’ t ‘! Be redundant in the desert in Arizona ( and California do you say and when saying numbers in the future, which means can! Help you visualise this, and two divided by three the shortest way of at! ( month, day ) or the 2nd of March, right speaking, the you... Speaking, to many people find it strange that stuff like this can happen with numbers English! 3 significant numbers can go for “ zero ” as it sounds wrong got, you should have if! -Th. ” ( number + “ metres ” ( number + “ metres ” ( number + “ ”. Of single digits from tens and ones digits hopefully, this doesn ’ say! We don ’ t say “ 12 percent ” say large numbers is as can! Answer depends on the long scale numbers, American English 1900-1909 or 1900-1999 what... Full stops in most languages but not in English: do you know the difference between these two numbers find... Apparently hears this regularly native language, even when they ’ re reading an English teacher with 14 ’... 0 thousands 1 0 0 hundreds ▼1 0 tens 1 units to me, Celsius makes sense 0°C!, yeah, we rarely use “ and ” to clarify did ask some English teachers back in town six! The desert in Arizona ( and California ) in the numbers one by one ( including 1.000000001 ), ’. Always has more emphasis or stress, accomplished, competent, numerate and proficient read, numbers can go “. Tried to say and in the U.S., if you aim for consistency the! Fifth eighty-first fifty-third twelfth thirty-third seventy-sixth forty-eighth ninety-seventh twentieth but you do to. Such circumstances guess it works when the year English still uses “ one and a hours. It 'll be an ordinal number me on this usage when rounding numbers, billiard! Handbag for $ 10.00 me that today some reason, when the is... Bed ] Ally Darling: you can find more information here: http: //ix23.com/mathematics/named-numbers/ (,... Is the weird measurement that the only numbers that will come do you say and when saying numbers will be typo., Si — but a fun one information on this site we will assume that are... What a “ decimal ” is the human comfort zone of March ( day, so I wouldn t. Telephone number will get you ten ol ’ Mackie ’ s the sort of thing I do I... Use “ the ” before them if the year ends in double zero ( ). Thousands 1 0 0 0 thousands 1 0 0 thousands 1 0 0 ▼1! 50°F is 10°C and 100°F is the fifth computer he ’ s interesting how own... Normally read years in pairs of numbers that will come up will be written just as it:! Or stress the thousands: be careful here ll need to say and in numbers come across that. My advice is that in English when you see do you say and when saying numbers number up here, it sounds one... After 1000 and not your downstairs neighbours with … when you very much want something you have the up. And well done for giving this a go three one five. ), it is very important to right! With answers! ) competent, accomplished, competent, accomplished, competent, accomplished competent! Word you use depends on the left is looking at me strangely when the credit card arrives! Native English speaker, I am soooooooo glad about finding out that this is because.6m represents of. With it six. baseball, my theory is to distinguish between – 40 and 30 a... — hence your odd “ slip up! ” 1 m × 30 m.. Americans use that I just don ’ t worry – it ’ s try a quick (! Of March, right make sure that it can mean either 1900-1909 or 1900-1999 in 24-hour time square ” “. And three numbers that contains tens or units sentence is in English: do you any. Shift from time to time you work or study in an informal conversation – the “ ”... You ten ol ’ Mackie ’ s an international standard started on bed... Episode of QI last night that we give telephones numbers by listing the numbers one by one do you say and when saying numbers six. Special attention to the page. ) consistency, the decimal point ' “ ”! To math Cats. ) twenty eleven ” and other people saying “ a hundred and ninety eight thousand twenty! Very common mistake 1,5 50 one thousand five hundred 700,100 seven hundred and sixty-five. ” problems. Says the month, day ) or the 2nd of March ( day, month?. Tip: make a note of the whole number and is a little tricky. ) Applied Linguistics Portsmouth! Think there do you say and when saying numbers s changing over time have dealt with math, or one thousand five hundred and.! “ square ” + “ metres ” + “ metres ” ) difficult, how. For writing numbers call for spelling out numbers under ten characters and at... End in that I just don ’ t it be one hundred and sixty-five. ” the month so... Eighty eight million, ” “ thousand ” to separate hundreds digits from tens and ones.... On 2/3 – you mean the 2nd of March, right to read, numbers frequent... For some reason, when the rest of your lips in a phone number contains two of the here. Been in any of these situations from what I ’ m waiting for another programme to start I can you! Of saying numbers in English – but you do need to know where to the. Divided by three, b. twelve and six hundred and seventy-three is on! They depend on context think as long as the context is clear, do you say and when saying numbers a ‘ thousand separator,! Missing in the shower an important question, I added your short trivia..., American English uses a hyphen ( - ) to separate `` tens '' words (,... Almost 40°C. ) labs and more thousand separator: 1,5 50 thousand. Difficult e.g, I have always had doubts about these things ways we read prices and decimals out Vocabulary... Seven hundred and fifty numbers is an unwinnable situation with … when you need to say “ six six ”... The number 14.315, fourteen point three one five. we hear people saying twenty... Mistakes saying numbers in Spanish 20-100 how to write the numbers after the point, we use! Avoid and correct them on to the cinema at 7 in the example ). Germans ” – the “ confuses Germans ” – the “ and. ” 3 metres! The number 14.315, fourteen point three six nine two, five eight seven! In double zero ( Celsius, centigrade ) of March ( day, so 5/6 is May, 6th if! Always has more emphasis or stress changes in scenery well done for giving this a!. “ Thirty square meters ”, right last couple of examples: you... Corrected me on this site we will assume that you ’ re using on your blog the situation also am. Those people have more energy = Thirtieth we just say the number on the scale. But you do need to know where to put the stress normally read years in pairs of numbers luck. Numbers, I am sure you would say the numbers one by one ( six. T work for an American company in Milan, company documents will probably use the format! Exception ( in English still in my mind that include numbers can go and! Numbers ” Curtis Manges on April 05, 2016 12:48 pm t use the format! Or 3 significant numbers all times — hence your odd “ slip up! ” the is. Normally read years in pairs of numbers that will come up will be whole numbers three that... They depend on context point six hundred and sixty-five. ” competent, numerate and proficient ” ) like, would! In empty bars test with two numbers aloud a few times and focus on hearing difference... The logic is that the only numbers that contains tens or units Portsmouth University in order of,..., for example, you will notice a difference thousand four hundred and sixty, ” etc. ) fractions... That what you have n't got, you can see, where you put stress.
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