installing kit #da82-01415a 0 hi. this unit is making noise when door is closed. If for some there is ice building up on the evaporator.i seen the pictures on how to install the above insulation kit.but still confused,do the strips of insulation go underneath the drain pan and on the backside of the metal plate behind the evap coils. Part number DA82-01415A. DA82-01415A Refrigerator Water Leakage Kit - AP5957964, PS10058968 This water leakage service kit prevents excessive frost from forming on the evaporator cover and excessive moisture from collecting inside. The bulletin includes installing a frost service kit. SERVICE BULLETIN Product: Bottom Mount and French Door Refrigerators Bulletin Date: 10/13/2015 Bulletin Number ASC20140703001 Models: All Bottom Mount and French Door Refrigerators with Dual Evaporators, Service Kit: Part Code DA82-01415A Leakage Kit. Click on “Service Bulletin (Local) to bring up the Service Bulletins (Local) screen. Unplug the refrigerator, and then remove the compressor compartment cover. Kit Contents: • 2 new drain tubes with caps • 1 foam seal for the bottom of the evaporator drain plate • 2 foam strips for the back of the evaporator drain plate • 1 defrost heater drain clip. Service Kit: Part Code DA82-01415A Leakage Kit . ; rqstng P&A on 1 DA82-02367A (DEFROST DRAIN) and 1 DA94-02679G (MAIN PCB) and 1 DA97-15217D (ICE MAKER) and 1 DA97-19898A (Y CLIP) Near Canterbury Dr, Dayton , OH 45429 Not that pricey. The problem has just now recurred (so the most recent fix worked almost 3 years). Here is the url for the modification kit. Samsung part number DA82-01415A ( PD00024858) is a refrigerator water leakage service kit. The service bulletin has not been performed on this unit. Views: 2,798 B. brewmasterthis Premium Member. To search for a bulletin, enter the bulle-tin number in the Subject field on the left side of the screen, and then click the Search button on the far right. SERVICE BULLETIN Bottom Mount and French Door Product: Refrigerators Bulletin Date: 7/3/2014 ELECTRONICS Bulletin Number ASC20140703001 All Bottom Mount and French Models: Door Refrigerators with Dual Evaporators ... New Service Kit: Part Code DA82-01415A Kit … Joined Apr 17, 2016 Messages 25 But you indicate part DA82-01415A is not the right one for our model. In January 2016, the repair was a kit, which my own notes suggest was part DA82-01415A. You will need to remove the evaporator cover. This kit is used to repair water leaking under the crispers and/or a fan noise that stops when the doors are opened on Samsung bottom freezer and french door refrigerator models with dual evaporators. In January 2015, the repair was a longer clip into the drain hole. I have also found out that there is a service bulletin from samsung to repair this problem but the repairman that sears sent for their warranty work said there is no fix. 2. If so, Samsung has a service bulletin that addresses that as well as the ice that you are noticing. It is a problem with the defrost draining. Field Repair: 1.
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