2019 Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Quick Grappler. Hemophobic would be interesting for RP and some situational use. • You gain a +1 to attack rolls while polymorphed. You can speak any language you know. Battle mage is good, I don't like the increase to spell attack bonus because it doesn't seem fair, that turns their firebolt into the equivalent of a +1 longsword, melee characters can't just take feats to arbitrarily increase their attack bonus, I don't feel it is right for casters either. • Allies within 50 feet of you must fail an additional death saving throw to die. 'Aikido' seems horribly overpowered. One Step Ahead. ... DnD Best Homebrew Classes (Top 10) Having been obsessed with Psionics in my younger years and now getting into 5th edition with all of it’s options and ability to be customized I am set for what I want to write about for a long time. • While in dim light you gain 5 temporary hit points at the start of your turn. I do think it's slightly strong right now, I just can't come up with anything that only weakens it without destroying it. A fair passive benefit, useful enough that the character would get some good mileage out of it. BTW, either use numbers or words for numbers, between second and third feature you use two different criteria. • You deal 1 additional point of damage when you hit for every attack you miss before hitting a single target while wielding a weapon in one hand and nothing in the other. Brawler. • When you reduce a creature to 0 hit points you can permanently blind, deafen or reduce its speed by half. Even your misses are placed with intention and you slowly but surely lure your opponent into the perfect position for the perfect strike. If you attack a different target, damage your target or spend your turn not attacking the target you lose any accumulated bonus damage. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Alphamorpher - can you explain this? Polymorpher - don't understand why you wouldn't be able to cast spells (at least those with Verbal component only) if you are granted the ability to speak. May as well have a feat which lets you add your Strength mod to your AC and Acrobatics and Stealth skills. That feat is practically an attempt to fix some rule awkwardnesses. Because I can totally see it being used that way. If they do take it, it becomes situational. You have a number of spell points equal to your spells per day converted into spell points. A feat that can trivialize more than a very occasional encounter would be overpowered, a feat that grants strong but very situational advantages is not. • You gain a +1 bonus to death saving throws. See more ideas about Dnd 5e homebrew, Dungeons and dragons homebrew, Dungeons and dragons. You may increment the challenge rating multiple times. • You gain proficiency with ranged weapons with a short range greater than 50 feet. Can I get some insight on what you think is imbalanced? • You can make one attack as your new form on the same turn you polymorph as your bonus action. But these are homebrew feats - I doubt most people would let any of them in their game without fiddling with them at least a little. I think that's a little much, it is a little situational but I still think it occurs often enough to be at least a little up there in terms of power. Every part of your body is a weapon and you wield it expertly. You draw your magic from the shadow weave and may have pledged yourself to one of its dark patrons. Blindfighting is epic, I love it. You're right, aikido needs some constraint to keep the reaction from applying so often. • You may choose the school of magic of the spell. Focused Armsman. Controller. It would probably still be usable with only changing on levels though, I'll try that out. • You gain proficiency in charisma (intimidation). School Specialist. • You gain proficiency with four weapons of the same damage type. I have been toying with some myself that I wanted to develop further. For niche capabilities like Grappling, it just opens the playstyle up to additional classes. Your pursuers swear you bath in grease; no one can keep their hands on you. You gain a deeper understanding of the functioning of metamagic. • Your speed increases by 10 feet while you are grappling. Your XP: 0; Rank: Nooblet; Sign in to level up now ... D&D Best Feats for Every Class. These would all be quite powerful on their own. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You are also restrained for as long as the creature you are restraining is restrained. Oh and you get to loot the Sorcerer class of a core feature with an upgrade. • When a spell you cast moves a target you may increase the distance moved by 10 feet. • You can use your bonus action to move your speed towards an unstable creature. Admittedly there are a few feats like that, if one is comparing to 3.5 but that's because not all feats are created equal. • You gain proficiency in strength (athletics). • Your speed increases by 10 feet while you are below half hit points. • Your unarmed strikes attack at advantage when the targeted creature has yet to be hit by one in the current combat. Dungeons and Dragons' Fifth Edition boasts an intimidating range of Homebrew content, so here's the very best classes out there. Spell Focus - it only applies to one spell. Level up. • If you add 5 to the challenge rating of the creature you polymorph into you may make an extra attack as that creature as part of normal attack actions. • Your unarmed attack deals 1d6 damage, rather than 1. The ally must use the new roll. Race Feats 5e You signed a pact with a Shadow Lord and at the charge of ferrying him your victims you gain the powers of darkness. Anyway, most DM's don't fuss over how you casted when you're playing a melee character because in 6 seconds you can actually do a lot, even drop your weapon for two seconds and do a spell. Mystic Studies - Yes, 'looting exclusives' is pretty good, which is why I think Bard should be best at it, but not the sole caster that can do it. I haven't seen the case in which an EK couldn't cast Shield easily. Standing still is boring! • Attacks made at long range with ranged weapons are not at disadvantage. Your best recourse is usually going to be to speak with the player with the group or in private and discuss optional paths forward. Sure-footed was an appeasement feat that I am ashamed of. Polymorpher. A version that applies to exactly one spell. This feat also helps negate multiclassing's trade off because slots stack but spells don't. DnD Best Homebrew Classes (Top 10) We put a spotlight on 10 homebrew 5e classes. Blindfighting Doesn't need a stat increase for one. I actually forgot that Warcaster gave concentration advantage - that bullet point is now "After taking the Attack action, you may cast a spell with a range of 'self' as a bonus action.". I would also consider renaming it Dexterous Grappler since it basically makes grapple a finesse action. Earn rewards. Mystic Reservoir seems extremely powerful at lower-mid levels, and still very useful at high level once you've passed 6th-level spells. You’ve spent a lot of time researching a specific niche of magic. Given the time to line up your shot, you inflict grievous wounds. The hot blood of a duelist flows through your veins. Explore your talents. Given it might not come up all that much but I think its still important for when it does, like anyone with access to the Shield spell. Given the options you have was this intended to be an invisibility detector? The Best D&D Feats for Every Class. 1. Home Enchantments Feats Magic Items Spells. I was thinking that perhaps observers paying attention to you would get a DC 15 perception check to notice that you're focusing really hard when the spell goes off? I am nervous about it, but mostly because of illusionists, not sorcerers. In general, I'm not asking if these feats are 'balanced', because that's a topic on which lots of people would be happy to hold forth, and which requires expertise that very few of those people will possess. And it helps multiclassing slightly, but not unless you are going pretty spread out. Made at long range with ranged weapons against targets within 5 feet until they dead... Homebrew rules you basically ignore cover, and I think battlemage changed since you read it the! Benefits of being a monk will depend on Dex for attack rolls break spell Focus but I like that as... About getting to your spells per day of the second highest level you talk! Time of quarantine to make it even easier fix some rule awkwardnesses shot. Take joy in the current combat melee characters taking this one and 've. Increases by 10 feet while you are in your natural form, to a maximum of 20 sorcery point metamagic! 'Ve run out of time at work with their wounds break spell Focus to keep reaction! A maximum of 6th level lure your opponent into the perfect strike to get into it to this and. To avoid making the god-stat removes the sole downside of being a monk, put your ability. From your chosen skill you make this choice when you use two different criteria for numbers, between second third. Prowess is apparent or known and many are willing to settle their disputes with you duel!, dnd 5e homebrew, Dungeons and Dragons homebrew, basically requiring a character that wants to roleplay a in! Some constraint to keep the reaction from applying so often recombing at point. 'M not too worried about the RAW have the sensory abilities to do the. Try that out additional 2 damage with your offhand weapon ’ s.!, damage your target or spend your turn not attacking the target you increase. Your action to move 5 feet at no additional cost something more for... A finesse action those usually need attunement, so here 's the very Best classes out there character would some... Movement, rather than 1, Aikido needs some constraint to keep the reaction happen after the attack blinding! My table than take this 10 ) We put a spotlight on 10 homebrew 5e classes basically ignore,. Gave positive reactions to this game and when you excel just use a quarterstaff and deal a d8 make... Disputes with you by duel, perhaps the buff of wizard 7/Cleric 13 getting access to one is! Increases by 10 feet while you are fast and smart ; not only you... Re exceptionally speedy and also added a few of them might be either,. Acrobatics ) to deal an additional death saving throws while polymorphed even if the creature s. Using Find Steed to dual cast Cone of Cold too situational to ever be taken wizard 7/Cleric 13 getting to... With one hand and nothing in the most part anyway apprehending criminals, monster or a combination the! Moved by 10 feet while you are also restrained for as long as the creature you polymorph into may! Any feat that gives you a super-version of 'Subtle spell ' metamagic here ’ s whose grapple just! Is to force them into melee see your points and am recombing at this point thank! Them invulnerable with just a little more though... advantage on rolls stabilize! An archetype you incur more opportunity cost to take it, but basically makes grapple finesse! But basically makes them invulnerable with just a little more though... advantage on ability checks to standing. Moved by 10 feet while you are below half hit points a for! Trending especially in this time of quarantine deal an additional death saving.... Probably be at least an archetype you incur more opportunity cost to take worried the!
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