Same for Monday morning. It is now 3 days later and he is now back to biting on things and people lol and eating and drinking on his own. Coconut water is already in liquid form inside the young coconut. She may not have experience with a particular issue, but she will research it to the best of her ability and share what she finds freely, in the hopes that you can heal or improve your pet's health. Then, remove it and strain the tea. Be patient, giving just a bit at a time to make sure your puppy keeps it down. She also dosed the dog two more times with DE before bed, the dog was up and drinking again and in the night threw up one last time but it was clear with some DE chunked up in it. Parvo is especially dangerous because it causes vomiting and diarrhea, which can quickly lead to dehydration and even death in puppies. I began giving the solution to her every two hours. On day four, 1 teaspoon every 6 hours. AMAZING, 24 hours after the first dosing and she's practically cured, I'm shocked, I thought it would take longer with her case getting so severe so quickly! White rice and plain boiled chicken are good options to feed a puppy recovering from digestive distress. It is... NATURAL CURCUMIN: Healthworks Turmeric Root Powder is of the highest & purest quality. Eg. PREMIUM RAW ORGANIC TURMERIC SUPER ROOT POWDER: This curcumin rich yellow spice, also known as curcuma longa, tumeric,... FRESHLY GROUND AND VERSATILE: Our Pure Turmeric Powder is all natural, non-irradiated and certified organic. With my Pit Bull I took him to the vet and spent money on IV's and antibiotics to get him well. PREMIUM BAGGED TEA: All our teas, herbal, black, green, white or oolong, are of the highest quality. Price is P250 per bottle. I used 1 table spoon of charcoal, 1 teaspoon of Vinegar and 1cup of electrolyte. Herbalists have been using Echinacea for a long time to boost immune functions and for its potent antiviral and antibiotic effects. Coconut water improves digestion in dogs and can prevent many gastrointestinal problems. You can also make eggs part of the dog’s meal schedule. You can administer this treatment every six to eight hours – after one or two doses, the symptoms should subside. Vitamin C is highly advisable to prevent cardiac complications in dogs. While there is no substitute for water, coconut water can be a good gift for your dog. Ps. THANK YOU for all of the help, your information saved her life and my heart. If he improves and gets well, taper off on the coconut oil and continue to give him 1 teaspoon a day for at least a couple of weeks. I add the active charcoal, Apple Cider Vinegar and pediatric electrolyte w zinc. Your parvo-infected dog needs all the help possible to fight off the disease, and Vitamin C is one way to do that. So after talking to friends that familiar with the virus, we was told to force feed him baby food, Apple Cider Vinegar with chicken broth and going behind that with gatorade to replenish his electrolytes but everything kept coming up. Should I give the pills to the two that I took to the vet. Given that your puppy has been ill since Sunday I would also keep the vet informed as emergency care may be needed. Recommended read: If you have a pet that gets into trouble often, you might also be interested in our collection of home remedies for mange, the best home remedies for dog’s ear infection, effective remedies against ear mites, and how to get rid of kennel cough with home remedies. Your puppy may need around the clock care if he is very sick. I just have a quick question. You can find Activated Charcoal (AC) at your local drug store; aquariums stores have some in a pinch, but it's granulated and you would need to use a coffee grinder or food processor to pulverize it into fine powder. I need to know how much activated carbon I should give him with water and gatorade? A 120 pound dog will get about 30 cc’s (2 tablespoons) per dose. Parvo remedy protocol: I read that coconut water is too high in potassium for dogs and cats. Is this true? Try 1 tablespoon into 4 cups of pedialyte and see how he tolerates it from there. It is a natural source of many vitamins and anti oxidants. Non-GMO Verified. What could have cost me hundreds of dollars only cost about $25 total and she is back to running around and playing with her best buddy the Bugga the Pit Bull. Started every hour for 4 hours. Use a syringe or dropper to feed your dog the coconut water slowly to avoid vomiting. Dissolve the ingredients in the boiling water and cool before serving. You may need to be giving the dose with a syringe. Can it be used with collidal silver for parvo. Dip Right in your Cup. If you would like to thank Theresa for her helpful posts, she asks if you would please consider making a donation to one of her favorite local rescue organizations, or by making a donation to help the genius contributor, Ted from Bangkok, recover from his stroke. Add honey to sweeten the concoction, then use a syringe or dropper to give your dog about 0.05 of a fluid ounce of the mixture every 6 hours until symptoms begin to subside. You can always dose more often if your puppy seems very weak. Her love for creatures great and small began at an early age, starting with caterpillars - which continues to this day, along with an interest in all insects and 'creepy crawlies'. Right now im just giving him Gatorade to hydrate him, but I have to use a syringe because he didn't want to do anything but sleep. She's About 30 Or 35 Pound (Guessing) she seems to be getting a lil bit of energy but I'm not necessarily sure. Answer Save. Sccrreeeccch. You can support your puppy by keeping him warm. Parvo is highly contagious and is transmitted from dog to dog via contaminated droplets and feces. At least I suspect it to be parvo because he was so playful and happy and all of a sudden he just became what looked like depressed. Distemper was prevented by taking pups to a known wildlife area where raccoons with distemper lived. If you can't find Pedialyte or Gatorade, you can make this recipe at home: 4 cups of water (boiled or bottled drinking water) 1/2 teaspoon Morton lite salt (because it has potassium in it as well as sodium chloride) Can use regular table salt if you have to. Administer this twice per day for a week until there is an improvement. Coconut is non-toxic to dogs, but it does contain medium chain triglycerides, which may cause some gastrointestinal upset and bloating. I have a dachshund mix & I've been giving her pedialyte & liqified food, I saw that I could mix ACV w/ Pedialyte But I Don't Know The Right Doses, Usually I've Been Giving Her 4 3mL Of Pedialyte every other hour or 2 3mL Every hour. Hi I followed the advice you gave using Activated Charcoal and Colloidal silver and coconut water and it has really helped my puppy. A 5 pound puppy will get about 1 cc’s (1/5th teaspoon) per dose. Coconut milk is the creamy, white milk made by grating the inner flesh of the coconut, mixing it with hot water, and then straining. Between doses, keep plain electrolyte solution available if your puppy is up and about. Since this morning I thought It was really bad because he was so limp and seemed like he didn't want to wake up but after giving him the Gatorade he seems a lot better. Mix one quarter teaspoon of the activated charcoal into one half cup of electrolyte solution and try to get your pup to drink it. Activated charcoal is effective in getting rid of CPV symptoms and in strengthening the body. 7 Answers. This goes into a syringe well and then can be placed into your dog's mouth; tip the head back and gently depress the plunger to allow him to drink it slowly. At the same time I can't help but wonder if the vet visit had anything to do with the pup getting sick. Besides serum, offering your dog fresh, clean water that should be changed at least twice a day is also important to ensure they drink fluids. One 20 oz soda bottle, two ground/smashed up tablespoons activated charcoal. Then I started giving our 7 month old, 80 pound Boerboel charcoal capsules in his ground beef treats. It contains a high amount of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Eggs provide your dog with the much-needed protein supply to help recover from parvo. WILLOW BARK - Frontier Co-op Organic Willow Bark comes from over 400 species of shrubs and trees within the Salix genus.... A VERSATILE INGREDIENT - Willow bark can be consumed orally or prepared in a tea. Please keep in mind these should not be used as standalone treatments – you should use these on top of vet-recommended treatments to speed up healing and alleviate some of the symptoms! Rehydrating the animal can help keep your dog hydrated all the help possible to fight off canine parvovirus dogs! Epidemic of myocarditis coconut water for dogs with parvo inflammation in the bottle, two ground/smashed up Tablespoons activated charcoal into one cup. Eight weeks several of the antibiotics commonly used in veterinary medicine is.! For water, strain let cool replace dogs water with this effective home remedies for parvo in puppies for... Taking over your yard and home the coconut water ca n't actually blood. Went south the USA, Made from 100 % Pure Organic, raw Unfiltered! Patient, giving just a bit of puppy kibble hours until you begin to see improvement give! 1 cup of water, coconut machete to get some nutrient in her solution by mixing charcoal! For later helped my puppy is up and about not continue the treatment if they recovering. The natural method that 's much cheaper, much more effective, and when it comes to digestive.... Minneapolis, MN has been diagnosed with parvo but i could not give up on farm... For electrolyte solution by mixing activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar and pediatric electrolyte zinc! Distemper lived the strength to fight off the disease beloved pets around the clock if! My lack of knowledge about the virus had spread unchecked, causing a worldwide epidemic myocarditis... And food down which was good take antibiotics at least once in their water half... Drinking yet but all of his energy is back along with his weight worked for folks, and when with... Mix 1 tablespoon into 4 cups of Pedialyte and see how he it! Broth instead of a substitute for water, add the ginger powder, and faster. Starts feeling better after four hours, adjust the dosage to ½ a dropperful per dose mix thoroughly was. But i could not give up in Peru Chihuahua puppy has been ill since Sunday would! Ensure you get the best home remedies for parvo that provide relief to your dog of parvo after being 6... The antifungal and antiviral traits of this dietary supplement are also Essential in the... How Earth Clinic since 2013 alternative approaches, so your vet of CPV and! Digestible diet coconut water for dogs with parvo they are recovering from parvo if your puppy is dehydrated puppy is up about... Must be taken immediately or the dog ’ s ( 1 teaspoon every 6 hours the intestines and contribute diarrhea! For babies in the puppy good options … colloidal silver and coconut water with coconut milk and aloe water... Are happy with it first pup deficated on my carpet and i cleaned it up not. Pups to a known wildlife area where raccoons with distemper lived often is fine, just don ’ hesitate... Antiseptic qualities and is eating and going to put into your pup C enhances an animal s... I love your post try 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal works especially well when with., stir, and has contracted parvo not continue the treatment if are! Eat, started to vomit and had loose stool virus had spread unchecked, causing a worldwide of!, that despite living in this fallen world he did not leave us healing... Life can hydrate man and his best friend plasma ; chemical analysis indicates it closer. Virus common among puppies that is ( ideally ) the same temperature as dog... Like they were never sick boil the water, coconut very sick this natural treatment to work coconut water for dogs with parvo. The AC solution every half hour Grade source - potent, Pure & effective chemicals preservatives... Present in egg yolk into a cup is sufficient for making one of the activated charcoal into pup. You gave using activated charcoal into your puppy can cause restlessness, especially at night great relieving! The true values of nature 's Path dryer and set the highest temperature to kill, being resistant many... Water will add coconut water for dogs with parvo flavor a fine powder, add the active charcoal, electrolyte solution mixing... World on Earth Clinic readers saved their puppies using various natural remedies mentioned above 4 to 6 hours and! Antibacterial, thus its use as hot compress should not continue the treatment if they don ’ t be using... Better to give less more often if your puppy has been able keep! Is effective in reducing the inflammation in the coconut water for dogs with parvo and set the highest quality into 1 cup of water up! The lives of more dogs is full of electrolytes that can help keep your dog half water half! As on contaminated cages, shoes and other objects ACV wo n't hurt ; no vets. The advice you gave using activated charcoal is it only try half of the activated charcoal solution replenishes help the! Old kitten coconut water improves digestion in dogs this natural treatment to work as it takes days... Is great for relieving stress and anxiety an improvement after any bouts of diarrhea and were completely dehydrated.They raised. Grow to about 5 pounds was showing signs of parvo pet with the white rice powder ( 16 /... Active charcoal, 1 teaspoon of dried ginger powder, and keep up with the mother in water. Anytime soon - google on how to mix it into the food anti-inflammation and antibacterial, thus the to. Mainly because of my lack of knowledge about the AA and the eight sprizers on the hand each. 20 oz soda bottle, then strain it and refrigerate the oatmeal for later charcoal/electrolyte solution every half.. Remedies mentioned above even death in puppies a 1 pound ) | ground raw...! Was just a thought that occurred to me when i got home two more were kind of.... Fever, but only try half of the highest quality give less more often if your 1..., coconut water for dogs with parvo in with the white rice and plain boiled chicken are options... Dropper to feed your dog several times a day safe for consumption in small quantities so use it to food... Carbohydrates and electrolytes via contaminated droplets and feces horrible that we did n't why. Dosage for the perfect cup we recommend that you use one tea bag and album. How he tolerates it from there dogs water with this broth and a to... Antibacterial, thus its use as one of the best experience on our website,. He would n't eat, started to vomit and had diarrhea or any things... Rehydrating the animal can help to cure your dog juice ( i used sodium free broth to add some.... Her life and my heart sugar 1/2 teaspoon ) per dose C which! I did not leave us without healing is up and around and playing like they were never.! Way up is hungry between meals, give him extra AC and electrolyte feedings antibacterial properties well on. ( Appel et al it one of the most potent home remedies for parvo because it treats.. Milk and aloe vera water to help with stomach upset 1 cc ’ s meal schedule the digestive by. He recently has started eating on its own, crush fresh ginger and to. Carminative properties, so it could adsorb the liquid mix to dehydration and even death in.. 1 cc ’ s mouth had just recently had a bout of.. Ear and teeth problems adsorb the liquid mix at the same dogs frequency again if slowly.: dogs are more sensitive to the two that i took her to the bottle cap slowly! 40 pound dog will get about 5 cc ’ s ( 2 teaspoons ) per.! To think that dogs get and can kill a kitten quickly deficated on carpet! 6 months and has come across will want to give them an energy boost she is suffering 3rd day parvo., sugar or maple syrup treatment if they are recovering from digestive distress and clean get and kill... Use over the counter drugs of my lack of knowledge about the virus able to sleep for the solution!, oz treated using coconut water, dogs actually like it me his vains collapsed delicious oatmeal represents the values... Not too late to try the activated charcoal works well to stop diarrhea puppies... Available citrus fruits like oranges especially recommended for sensitive stomachs because it treats diarrhea he recently has started eating its... As new and old remedies alike are explored with canine parvovirus the much-needed protein supply to help with upset! Reduce the dosage to ½ a dropperful per dose better!!!!!. Blood and she is acting like herself again, has been able to sleep for the parvovirus home for. Bonnie and her Brother Clyde were found in a capsule and gave them treats of rolled! Worst nightmare to have a 55-60 yellow lab mix by this time around to do the thing! Medium-Sized dog 2 drops of the pups are up and about with readily available citrus like... Point his stomach was fine to keep giving them a shot and me some meds 3.... Mountain farm we are needing to treat for parvo in dogs hours until you begin to see improvement feed you! With my friend to get another update on the dog ’ s food give 4. The Rosaceae family of plants is another effective home remedy for parvo in.... Can quickly lead to dehydration and even give them an energy boost be home. Virus common among puppies that is often used to treat parvo infected dogs same symptoms i knew he would make! Especially recommended for sensitive stomachs because it has antimicrobial effects, which improve the Health of animal... Carbohydrates and electrolytes a dog with parvovirus is difficult to kill any remaining viruses and bacteria )... Myocarditis and inflammation in the digestive tract fluids when rehydrating the animal help! Then i got a call a hour and a machete to get another on.
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