Cut Weight Compared to Cooked Weight for Pork. Larger tom turkeys may weigh up to 18.1 kg (40 lbs), but take a few more weeks to mature. The chart below will help you estimate your deer's live weight, field dressed weight and also edible meat weight. 100 lbs. When you sell pork it is with head on, when you sell bacon it is with head off. Field Dressed Weight: X 75% = 58 Lbs. However, the HCW can vary greatly from one animal to another. I'm giving rough numbers here - but I'm thinking of when to process these guys and trying to do it by their weight. 76 lbs. dressed. Share Followers 0. The industry is interested in animal dressing percentage because it establishes the weight upon which payment is calculated for animals sold on a live weight basis. While the main factor affecting how much weight you lose is how many calories you consume, the food that is lowest in calories isn't always necessarily the best option. If your steer weighs 1,100 lbs. (that's about 59% of the animal going to meat) 60 lbs. The weight loss between live and hanging weight varies- partly by breed. The only local USDA chicken processor wants $0.95/ lb (dressed weight) to kill and package whole birds; $1.05 / lb for cut-up birds. 100 Lbs. Live weight vs. dressed weight Live weight vs. dressed weight. To convert from live weight to dressed weight you multiply by 0.67 hope this helps I weigh al my pigs on a set of electronic scales adn then if I want to know hwo they will come back just use the above figure to give me the dress weight. It is meant to be a guide for you. 80 lbs. Based on their calcs, field dressed weight is 79.6% of the live weight and meat weight is 75% of field dressed weight… Unlike broad-breasted varieties, heritage turkey breeds can mate and fly in the same ways as their wild ancestors. We had one get injured at 4 months and was on the small side of all the other turkeys the same age at 12 lbs dressed and 15 lbs live. These folks aren't particularly fussy. Looking at the scale I noticed it has an estimate for Live weight and Meat weight based on field dressed weight. Dressed weight = weight of carcass including viscera. Dressing percentage can be calculated by taking (weight of the carcass / weight of live animal) * 100. Figures 1, 2 and 3 will help hunters estimate the whole weight of a deer based on its field-dressed weight. A broiler will have an average body weight of 4.65 kg at the end of week 9; Kindly Note: The above chart did not consider the sex of the broiler chicken. Commercial turkey breeding hens produce only about 45 live poults (chicks) each year. [ullet al. By juliepoudrier, June 26, 2008 in Livestock Management. For a 1,200-pound animal with a hot carcass weight of 750 pounds, the dressing percentage is 62.50 and calculated as follows: (750 hot carcass weight ÷ 1,200-pound live weight) × 100 = 62.50 percent Stop guessing your deer’s weight. The ability to determine dressing percentage allows a producer to estimate the carcase weight of a live animal, for example to compare the price that would be received on a liveweight basis with the price received on a carcase value basis. Dressed Weight: Whole Weight: 50 lbs. 102 lbs. Eviscerated weight = weight of carcass along with giblets and skin Once the carcass is sanitarily dressed it is hung on a rail and placed into a cooler where it is quickly chilled. Dressed weight is approximately 75% of live weight. (A half share would then be 360 lbs, and a 1/4 would be 180 lbs). Angela Roberta | Dec 3, 2008 12:27 PM 4. Dressing percentage is simply carcase weight as a percentage of liveweight. Live Weight: X 78% = 78 Lbs. live weight is inedible product re-moved during the slaughter and dressing procedure bringing our 250 lb. The first is to calculate the live weight by multiplying the weight of the deer after it has been field dressed (or dressed and skinned, or fully processed) by a coefficient, resulting in the estimated live weight. Removing the oddments takes you down to roughly 125 lbs cut weight or 50% of your initial live weight. Day-old poults can be acquired from many hatcheries by mail (see Heritage Turkey Breeders list) 10-22-2009, 02:28 PM. With this online tool it is easy to calculate how long to roast turkey in oven in hours and minutes per turkeys' total weight measured in kilograms - kg and in pounds - lb turkey weight measures. 89 lbs. We kill a lot of whitetail bucks, and weigh them all 'hanging weight' (minus hide, guts, and head). Per the USDA, cooked pork yields somewhere between 74 and 96% of the cut weight, depending on the cut and cooking method. 3. Just ordered a cabelas 320lb big buck scale. So, a 1200 lb animal would have a hanging weight of 720 lbs (estimated). Turkey question: edible meat vs. total weight. Dressing percentage is based on the relationship between the dressed carcass weight and the live animal weight after things like the hide and internal organs have been removed. They are smaller, rarely dressing out above thirty pounds, and must be kept with better fencing because they can escape and roost in trees. If you don't eat skin or fat, how much edible meat is there on a turkey? We cooked another yesterday (6 mos) at 20 lbs dressed 27 lbs live and he barely fit in my oven and I couldn't find a roasting pan that fit him. I came across this chart for Whitetail Deer - a tool for approximating how much edible meat can be harvested from an animal of a particular weight. But the biggest influencer is what the animal is “full of.” Pastured animals are full of more water and fiber, so will lose more weight during butchering than an animal that has been largely grain-fed.
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