The wiki articles referenced on this page need some better upkeep. They called Linda Ronstadt the Queen of Rock in the '70s, but the name is a little limiting. Living in the USA was the first album by any recording act in music history to ship double-platinum (over 2 million advance copies). They toured with her for a short period in 1971 and played on Linda Ronstadt, her self-titled third album, from which the failed single, Ronstadt's version of Browne's "Rock Me on the Water", was drawn. Photo: Shout Factory She said that her singing style was shaped by the music she grew up with, even on her 1970s and ’80s pop hits such as “Blue Bayou,” “When Will I Be Loved” and “You’re No Good.” In the summer of 1999, she released the album Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions, a folk-rock-oriented project with Emmylou Harris. In the early 1980s, Ronstadt was criticized for accepting $500,000 to perform at the South African resort Sun City, violating the cultural boycott imposed against South Africa because of its policy of apartheid. Caroline was the daughter of Henry Groff and Helen M. Henderson. And release yourself ... an exercise in exorcism. [98] Female rock artists like her and Janis Joplin, whom she described as lovely, shy, and very literate in real life and the antithesis of the "red hot mamma" she was artificially encouraged to project, went through an identity crisis. It also included an interpretation of Willie Nelson's ballad "Crazy", which became a Top 10 Country hit for Ronstadt in early 1977. Along with other musicians such as the Flying Burrito Brothers, Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons, Swampwater, Neil Young, and the Eagles, she helped free country music from stereotypes and showed rockers that country was okay. According to jazz historian Peter Levinson, author of the book September in the Rain – a Biography on Nelson Riddle, Joe Smith, president of Elektra Records, was terrified that the Riddle album would turn off Ronstadt's rock audience. [156] In more recent years, Ronstadt moved back to San Francisco while continuing to maintain her home in Tucson. I was so enamored by her that I carried a picture of her in my wallet for all four years of college. Still contractually obligated to Capitol Records, Ronstadt released her first solo album, Hand Sown ... Home Grown, in 1969. Suddenly, Linda Ronstadt was more than a famous singer—a “Linda Ronstadt” became a sizzling, unhittable strike that you watched as it just Blue Bayou #Baseball The #1 Selling Pitching Machine Company in the World. The tour group, which included Linda Ronstadt, were traveling to Banámichi, the birthplace of the Ronstadt patriarch, Federico José María Ronstadt. Many of her albums have been certified gold, platinum or multiplatinum in the United States and internationally. [67] Relating to men on a professional level as fellow musicians led to competition, insecurity, bad romances, and a series of boyfriend-managers. As a child, Ronstadt had discovered the opera La bohème through the silent film with Lillian Gish and was determined to someday play the part of Mimi. 3.7 million as of 2010); Lush Life (1984‍—‌U.S. With fair skin and a German surname, her Mexican heritage wasn’t always apparent. Her remarks drew international headlines. At that time, Ronstadt's U.S. album sales were certified by the Recording Industry Association of America at over 30 million albums sold; however, Peter Asher, her former producer and manager, placed her total U.S. album sales at over 45 million. Establishing her professional career in the mid-1960s at the forefront of California's emerging folk rock and country rock movements – genres which defined post-1960s rock music – Ronstadt joined forces with Bobby Kimmel and Kenny Edwards and became the lead singer of a folk-rock trio, the Stone Poneys. Mad Love entered the Billboard Album Chart in the Top Five its first week (a record at that time) and climbed to the number 3 position. Simple Dreams spawned a string of hit singles on numerous charts. [155] In 1994, she adopted a baby boy, Carlos Ronstadt. We Ran did not chart any singles but it was well received by critics. [18][19] She has charted 36 albums, ten top-10 albums, and three number 1 albums on the US Billboard Pop Album Chart. "[144] Her diagnosis was subsequently re-evaluated as progressive supranuclear palsy. The album was released in September 1983 and spent 81 weeks on the Billboard Album Chart and held the number three position for a month and a half (held out of the top spot only by Michael Jackson's Thriller and Lionel Richie's Can't Slow Down) and the RIAA certified it triple platinum[92] (over three million copies sold in the U.S. alone). With the release of Don't Cry Now, Ronstadt took on her biggest gig to date as the opening act on Neil Young's Time Fades Away tour, playing for larger crowds than ever before. Its members included Cajun fiddler Gib Guilbeau and John Beland, who later joined the Flying Burrito Brothers,[69] as well as Stan Pratt, Thad Maxwell, and Eric White, brother of Clarence White of the Byrds. ")[139], In December 1990, she participated in a concert held at the Tokyo Dome to commemorate John Lennon's 50th birthday, and to raise awareness of environmental issues. Linda’s grandmother Maria Guadalupe was born in Arizona, or in Sonora, Mexico. [54] ("Whenever I sing with a different artist, I can get things out of my voice that I can't do by myself", Ronstadt reflected in 2007. But it was too much fun to get scared. Linda Ronstadt has received a total of 27 Grammy Award nominations in various fields including Rock, Country, Pop, Tropical Latin, Contemporary Folk, Mexican-American, and Children's. In 2016, Ronstadt was again honored by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences with the Lifetime Achievement Grammy. An album resulted, titled Happy Birthday, John. It was an album of roots music incorporating pop, Cajun, and early-20th-century music and released on the Vanguard Records label. [170], In 2007, Ronstadt resided in San Francisco while also maintaining her home in Tucson. The album earned Ronstadt two Grammy Award nominations: one for Best Rock Vocal Performance/Female for the title track and another for Best Pop Vocal Performance/Female for the album. Linda's Father was 25% Mexican descent, Linda's Mother is completely of European descent, German, English, and Dutch. Lloyd was born in Michigan, and was a well-known inventor. 1.3 million as of 2010). Ronstadt's early family life was filled with music and tradition, which influenced the stylistic and musical choices she later made in her career. On Radio [advertisement]", "Linda Ronstadt to Play at Fantasy Springs", "What's New with Linda Ronstadt? Three years later, she ranked number 40 in CMT's 40 Greatest Women in Country Music. But I always needed a producer who would carry out my whims. [55], Media related to Linda Ronstadt at Wikimedia Commons. [32][33] In 1991, the City of Tucson opened its central transit terminal on March 16 and dedicated it to Linda's grandfather, Federico José María Ronstadt, a local pioneer businessman; he was a wagon maker whose early contribution to the city's mobility included six mule-drawn streetcars delivered in 1903–04. Simple Dreams became one of the singer's best-selling international-selling albums as well, reaching number 1 on the Australian and Canadian Pop and Country Albums charts. [175], On April 29, 2010, Ronstadt began a campaign, including joining a lawsuit,[176] against Arizona's new illegal-immigration law SB 1070 calling it a "devastating blow to law enforcement ... the police don't protect us in a democracy with brute force", something she said she learned from her brother, Peter, who was Chief of Police in Tucson. At the time, she admired singers like Maria Muldaur for not sacrificing their femininity but says she felt enormous self-imposed pressure to compete with "the boys" at every level. [80] Nevertheless, her hits were criticized in some quarters for being cover songs. [156] "Los Angeles became too enclosing an environment", she says. Show some grace". At the end of 1977, Ronstadt surpassed the success of Heart Like a Wheel with her album Simple Dreams, which held the number 1 position for five consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 chart. The recording earned two Grammy Award nominations: Best Traditional Folk Album and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. 1 With a Bullet", "Years after giving up singing, Linda Ronstadt is back on the charts with 'Live in Hollywood, "Pat Benatar: Rock's Reluctant Sex Symbol", "Rock Queen Conquers Broadway and Lives Happily Ever After", "Linda Ronstadt Live. "[114], In the summer of 1980, Ronstadt began rehearsals for the first of several leads in Broadway musicals. In 2004, Ronstadt released Hummin' to Myself, her album for Verve Records. ... She's the greatest chick singer ever. I mean you have to be on your toes or you wind up falling on your face. The album earned Ronstadt a 1980 Grammy Award nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance/Female (although she lost to Pat Benatar's Crimes of Passion album). Linda Ronstadt (left) is the subject of the new documentary “Linda and the Mockingbirds,” which explores her Mexican heritage. It was a considerable hit, holding the number 1 position on Billboard's Country Albums chart for five weeks running and hitting the Top 10 on the pop side also. Linda Ronstadt is one of the 2019 recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors, airing on Sunday, December 15 at 8/7c on CBS.The honor celebrates Ronstadt’s lifetime … Ronstadt has released 24 studio albums and 15 compilation or greatest hits albums. That's it. In 1984, Ronstadt and Riddle performed these songs live, in concert halls throughout Australia, Japan, and the United States, including multi-night performances at historic venues Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, and Pine Knob. Hazel was born in Michigan. Linda Ronstadt is the mom of her two adopted children, Carlos and Mary, whom she keeps out of the spotlight. Amid reports of mixed public response, Ronstadt continued her praise of Moore and his film throughout her 2004 and 2006 summer concerts across North America. Can I please come to the sessions. The two embarked on an unorthodox and original approach to rehabilitating the Great American Songbook, recording a trilogy of traditional pop albums: What's New (1983‍—‌U.S. The second verse's lyrics pay tribute to Ronstadt: "Take this child, Lord, from Tucson, Arizona. Date of Birth: July 15, 1946. As Staples Center Senior Vice President and general manager Bobby Goldwater said, "It was our goal to present a spectacular event as a sendoff to the 20th century", and "Eagles, Jackson Browne, and Linda Ronstadt are three of the most popular acts of the century. As for the singles, Rolling Stone pointed out that a whole generation, "but for her, might never have heard the work of artists such as Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello, and Chuck Berry. Linda Ronstadt (pictured in 1982) says she had to fight to have her identity as a Mexican-American woman recognized in show business. By singing it ... you release (the sadness). "[126], Ronstadt eventually tired of playing arenas. [45][46] Having sold in excess of 100 million records worldwide[47] and setting records as one of the top-grossing concert performers for over a decade, Ronstadt was the most successful female singer of the 1970s and stands as one of the most successful female recording artists in U.S. history. The same year, she completed a concert tour around Europe. Inventor", "Home at Last: The Journey of Linda Ronstadt", "Linda Ronstadt Silver Threads & Golden Needles". Many of these rhythms and sounds were part of her Southwestern roots. Among them were the RIAA platinum-certified single "Blue Bayou", a country rock interpretation of a Roy Orbison song; "It's So Easy" – previously sung by Buddy Holly – , a cover of The Rolling Stones' "Tumbling Dice", and "Poor Poor Pitiful Me", a song written by Warren Zevon, an up-and-coming songwriter of the time. The artwork won its art director, Kosh, his second Grammy Award for Best Album Package. The album design for What's New by designer Kosh was unlike any of her previous disc covers. ... Now the fact that we were lied to about the reasons for entering into war against Iraq and thousands of people have died‍—‌it's just as immoral as racism." By December of that year, both "Blue Bayou" and "It's So Easy" had climbed into Billboard's Top 5 and remained there for the entire month. It included an ethereal cover of Neil Young's "After The Gold Rush" which became a popular music video. “The kids love him,” Ronstadt says. During her childhood, she used to play guitar along with her siblings. [44] In August 2013, she revealed to Alanna Nash, writing for AARP, that she has Parkinson's disease and "can no longer sing a note. Some of the content of the lead section is supported by these news items: Latham, Aaron (August 18, 1983). In 1975, Ronstadt performed shows with Jackson Browne, the Eagles, and Toots and the Maytals. [157] Speaking of finding an acceptable mate, in 1974 she told Peter Knobler in Crawdaddy, "... he's real kind but isn't inspired musically and then you meet somebody else that's just so inspired musically that he just takes your breath away but he's such a moron, such a maniac that you can't get along with him. "Home Grown". Ronstadt provided the vocals for some commercials during this period, including one for Remington electric razors, in which a multitracked Ronstadt and Frank Zappa claimed that the electric razor "cleans you, thrills you ... may even keep you from getting busted".[61]., Genealogy of Linda’s father’s family –, Genealogy of Linda’s father (focusing on his mother’s side) –, Tags: DutchEnglishGermanItalianMexicanSpanishSpanish-Mexican,,, perhaps her great-grandmother’s brother:, It peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Album Chart. Linda’s maternal grandfather was Lloyd Groff Copeman (the son of John Wesley Copeman and Caroline Estelle Groff). Heart Like a Wheel's first single release, "You're No Good" – a rockified version of an R&B song written by Clint Ballard, Jr. that Ronstadt had initially resisted because Andrew Gold's guitar tracks sounded too much like a "Beatles song" to her[73] – climbed to number 1 on both the Billboard and Cash Box Pop singles charts. I tend to bury myself in one thing for years at a time. The album was a quiet affair for Ronstadt, giving few interviews and making only one television performance as promotion. [113], She also made the cover of Rolling Stone for a record-setting sixth time. She's an extremely determined woman, in every area. Ronstadt incorporated the sounds of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, Tower of Power horns, the Skywalker Symphony, and numerous musicians. This album fared slightly better than its predecessor, reaching number 75. In February 1980, Ronstadt released Mad Love, her seventh consecutive platinum-selling album. "[134] What's New is the first album by a rock singer to have major commercial success in rehabilitating the Great American Songbook.[134]. Thibodeaux, Ron (February 11, 2007). Ronstadt was the first female artist in popular music history to accumulate four consecutive platinum albums (fourteen certified million selling, to date). His flexible rubber ice cube tray earned him millions of dollars in royalties.[35]. [30] The family's influence on and contributions to Arizona's history, including wagon making, commerce, pharmacies, and music, are chronicled in the library of the University of Arizona. Ronstadt, who is 72, returned to the Río Sonora region where her grandfather was born. Rolling Stone wrote, a whole generation "but for her, might never have heard the work of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, or Elvis Costello."[81]. [112] Us Weekly reported in 1978 that Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, and Carly Simon had become "The Queens of Rock"[111] and "Rock is no longer exclusively male. Meanwhile, the album became Ronstadt's most successful up to that time, selling 300,000 copies by the end of 1974. She was diagnosed eight months prior to the announcement and had initially attributed the symptoms she had been experiencing to the aftereffects of shoulder surgery and a tick bite. This remains her most recent commercially available recording as lead vocalist. How could I be the best? They were not nearly as successful as Canciones De Mi Padre, but were critically acclaimed in some circles. [130] Ronstadt did not completely turn her back on her rock and roll past, however; the video for the title track featured Danny Kortchmar as the old beau that she bumped into during a rainstorm. Along with the release of her Get Closer album, Ronstadt embarked on a North American tour, remaining one of the top rock-concert draws that summer and fall. In January 1946, the University of Arizona published a booklet by Luisa Espinel entitled Canciones de mi Padre. "My mother's side of my soul was the Nelson Riddle stuff. She was right. A documentary based on her memoirs, Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice, was released in 2019. Her three biggest-selling studio albums to date are: her 1977 release Simple Dreams, 1983's What's New and 1989's Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like The Wind. [38] She had six platinum-certified albums, three of which were number 1 on the Billboard album chart, and numerous charted pop singles. To me, she was everything that feminism's about. Plow" and sang a duet, "Funny How Time Slips Away," with Homer Simpson on The Yellow Album. [58] She noted in a 1969 interview in Fusion Magazine that it was difficult being a single "chick singer" with an all-male backup band. She charted 38 US Billboard Hot 100 singles. Ronstadt continued this theme on concert tour promotional posters with photos of her on roller skates in a dramatic pose with a large American flag in the background. [184][185] On March 31, 2009, in testimony that the Los Angeles Times termed "remarkable",[186] Ronstadt spoke to the United States Congress House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment & Related Agencies, attempting to convince lawmakers to budget $200 million in the 2010 fiscal year for the National Endowment of the Arts. [163][164] In late 2019, it was reported that her doctors have revised their diagnosis and instead believe Ronstadt has progressive supranuclear palsy, a degenerative disease that is commonly mistaken for Parkinson's due to the similarity of the symptoms. The production was part of the PBS Great Performances series. By the end of the decade, Ronstadt had outsold her female competition; no other female artist to date had five straight platinum LPs – Hasten Down the Wind and Heart Like a Wheel among them. [125] Paul Simon was criticized for including her on his 1986 album Graceland, recorded in South Africa, but defended her: "I know that her intention was never to support the government there ... She made a mistake. It has been called the first alternative country record by a female recording artist. [74], Author Andrew Greeley, in his book God in Popular Culture, described Ronstadt as "the most successful and certainly the most durable and most gifted woman Rock singer of her era. With the release of Heart Like a Wheel‍—‌named after one of the album's songs, written by Anna McGarrigle‍—‌Ronstadt reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart;[91] it was also the first of four number 1 Country Albums, and the disc was certified double-platinum[92] (over two million copies sold in the U.S.). [133] Stephen Holden of The New York Times wrote, What's New "isn't the first album by a rock singer to pay tribute to the golden age of the pop, but is ... the best and most serious attempt to rehabilitate an idea of pop that Beatlemania and the mass marketing of rock LPs for teenagers undid in the mid-60s. Whoops I just looked more closely into the family tree, I guess she isn’t related to Alex Levin, I wish we could delete comments on here. [98][100] At a time in the industry when men still told women what to sing and what to wear,[101] Ronstadt hated the image of her that was projected to the world on that cover,[98] and she noted recently how the photographer kept forcing her to wear a dress, which was an image she did not want to project. This concept album was put on the back burner for almost ten years. She also participated in a benefit concert for her friend Lowell George, held at The Forum, in Los Angeles. It remains her only album between 1975 and 1990 not to be officially certified platinum. [54] Ronstadt also received telegrams of support from her rock 'n' roll friends around the world like the Rolling Stones, the Eagles and Elton John. Her success however did not translate across the Atlantic to the UK. She garnered a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical and The Pirates of Penzance won several Tony Awards, including a Tony Award for Best Revival. [93] The song was also Ronstadt's first number 1 country hit.[93]. A partial soundtrack for this special (omitting most of the Mad Love tracks) was released as her first official live album in February 2019. Ronstadt's natural vocal range spans several octaves from contralto to soprano, and occasionally she will showcase this entire range within a single work. "Blue Bayou" was at #3 while "It's So Easy" was at #5. With this in mind, Ronstadt fuses country and rock into a special union. What's New brought Riddle to a younger audience. [105][106][107] On singing with Jagger, Ronstadt later said, "I loved it.
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